Who plays Young Gomez Addams in Wednesday?

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*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Wednesday*

Netflix viewers have fallen in love with the newly arrived Wednesday series since it arrived, with it currently topping the list of the top 10 trending shows.

Lead by Jenna Ortega, the series boasts an eclectic cast of well-known names, rising stars and complete newcomers with some of the most well-known faces starring as the various members of the Addams Family themselves, namely Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia and Luis Guzmán as Gomez.

During the series, we also meet young versions of Wednesday’s parents in flashbacks to their own time at Nevermore Academy but who exactly plays Young Gomez Addams?

Young Gomez in Wednesday

Throughout the series, Wednesday Addams is tasked with solving a puzzling murder mystery that is plaguing Nevermore and the nearby town of Jericho.

Her search for answers takes her back to the past when, in 1990, her father Gomez was accused of murder following the death of a young man named Garrett Gates who was infatuated with Morticia.

In episode 5, we see numerous flashbacks to the fateful night in question which saw Garrett sneak into Nevermore on the night of a school dance.

Garrett attacked Gomez with a sword but dropped the weapon during their fight.

The various flashbacks tell slightly different versions of what happened, with one showing that Gomez picked up the sword as Garrett ran towards him, impaling himself.

While the true versions of events we get from Morticia reveal that it was her who picked up the sword and accidentally killed Garrett, only for Gomez to take the blame in order to protect her.

Wednesday © Netflix | Vlad Cioplea

Who plays Young Gomez Addams in Wednesday?

Taking on the role of Young Gomez Addams in Wednesday is Lucius Hoyos.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Lucius was born in Canada on August 31, 2001, making the actor 21 years old as of November 2022.

Despite his relatively young age, however, Lucius has already been acting for a decade as his first film appearances came back in 2012.

Through his father’s Peruvian and Ecuadorian lineage, Lucius is of Quechua heritage, an indigenous group of people found in South America, while he also had French Canadian, Irish and Scottish ancestry on his mother’s side. Lucius is also the younger brother of fellow actor Ricardo Hoyos.

Like most actors in the modern industry, Lucius is highly active on social media, most notably on Instagram where he has a following of just over 111,000 at the time of writing and has posted several behind-the-scenes images from his time filming Wednesday.

Wednesday © Netflix | Vlad Cioplea

Lucius Hoyos’ previous roles

As mentioned, Lucius Hoyos has a whopping 10 years of acting experience under his belt despite being just 21 years old.

His first credit came back in 2012 when he appeared in the film The Lesser Blessed which was followed in the same year by an appearance in the film The Colony.

Since then, Lucius has gone on to appear in more than 20 acting roles with notable appearances in Heroes Reborn, Reign, PAW Patrol – where he voiced Carlos, as well as the films Awake and This Is The Night.

Wednesday © Netflix

Wednesday is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on November 23, 2022.

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