What is ‘pelvic contusion’? Christian Pulisic suffers injury after winning USA goal

What is ‘pelvic contusion’? Christian Pulisic suffers injury after winning USA goal #pelvic #contusion #Christian #Pulisic #suffers #injury #winning #USA #goal. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

Christian Pulisic suffered an injury during the US men’s national team Group B match against Iran with but what is pelvic contusion’s meaning?

The American soccer player helped his national team score a win against Iran on Tuesday night’s (November 29) match in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

However, Pulisic was forced to leave the ground in the second half of the game after being diagnosed with pelvic injury.

So, what is pelvic contusion? Here’s more about the condition, including its meaning and recovery explained.

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Christian Pulisic diagnosed with pelvic contusion after injury

In an update shared on Twitter on Tuesday, the US men’s national soccer team confirmed that Christian Pulisic has been diagnosed with pelvic contusion.

The post added that Pulisic’s status will be monitored day-to-day so they should share more update about his condition in the coming days.

He was taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation and was discharged back to his hotel just after midnight.

Pulisic suffered the injury when he scored his team’s only goal on Tuesday night after colliding with Iran’s goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand.

Pulisic fell after the goal and stayed on the ground for a few minutes. He didn’t return in the second half of the game and was replaced by Leeds United midfielder Brenden Aaronson.

The US men’s national soccer team is set to play against the Netherlands on Saturday’s Round of 16 match.

What is ‘pelvic contusion’?

As per Temple Health, the pelvis is an area that protects many important organs like the bladder, bowels, blood vessels and nerves that stretch to the legs. The pelvis is located below the abdomen and above the hips.

The bones that make the pelvic are the sacrum, the coccyx and the hip bones, which the incude ilium, ischium and pubis.

Pelvic contusions, which are also called pelvic trauma or pelvic injury, depend on the type and severity of the injury.

Pelvic contusions occur during a strong impact to the pelvis area like a fall, accident or collision with someone else. Minor pelvic contusions often include bruised muscles and pain in the pelvis area but do not require surgery.

Computed tomography, X-rays or physical examination which checks for other injuries all help to determine the type of pelvic contusion.

Pelvic contusion recovery

As per Merck Manual, minor pelvic contusions typically heal without causing permanent injury and surgery is rarely needed in those circumstances.

These contusions can be treated with pain relievers (analgesics) which help relieve the pain so that people can walk. Walking also helps when minor pelvic injuries occur.

The outlet further explains: “To avoid the weakness, stiffness, and other complications that occur with bed rest, people should walk, stand, and put their full weight on the joint as soon as possible, even if they can do so only for a short time.”

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