Wednesday’s funky dance scene has gone viral – and everyone’s doing it

Wednesday’s funky dance scene has gone viral – and everyone’s doing it #Wednesdays #funky #dance #scene #viral #everyones. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

Netflix’s Wednesday has taken over the internet with a dance scene choreographed by star Jenna Ortega herself.

The scene sees everyone’s favorite teen goth queen attend Nevermore Academy’s school dance, with ‘normie’ Tyler as her date. Much to his surprise, Wednesday busts out some pretty impressive dance moves to the song “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps.

The clip has been viewed over 5.6 million times on Twitter, 2.9 million times on Youtube, and has gone viral on TikTok (of course) with hundreds of thousands of users recreating Wednesday’s funky, jerk-y, and overall memorizing dance.

Dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Along with gravedigging, conducting autopsies, and glaring uncomfortably. 25, 2022

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The scene has even caused a 2011 Lady Gaga song to reappear on the charts, thanks to a TikTok (opens in new tab) that puts Wednesday’s dance to a sped-up version of Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” off the album Born This Way. The song amassed Spotify 700,000 plays in just one day. The TikTok in question has over 29 million views.

Ortega previously told NME that she took her moves from punk icon Siouxsie Sioux, having watched the music video for their single ‘Happy House’ prior to filming the scene: “There’s a bit in Wednesday’s dance where I’m jumping to the left and I have my arms to the side and that’s something that [Siouxsie] did on stage later in her career.”

She also took to Twitter to thank “Bob Fosse’s Rich Man’s Frug, Lisa Loring, Lene Lovich, Denis Lavant, and archival footage of goths dancing in clubs in the 80’s” for helping her out with the scene.

The actor also (unknowingly) had COVID at the time of filming, and even asked if she could re-do the now iconic scene, adding that she “probably could have done it a bit better.”

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