Video of happy gorilla dancing in a tub goes viral again. Netizens love it | Trending

Video of happy gorilla dancing in a tub goes viral again. Netizens love it | Trending #Video #happy #gorilla #dancing #tub #viral #Netizens #love #Trending. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

If you’re sitting at your desk and looking at the calendar to double-check the number of days left for the weekend to start, then this video is definitely for you. It is a video of a gorilla having a blast splashing and dancing in a tub full of water. The old video has become a source of happiness for many after it resurfaced online. It has even reminded netizens about their bathroom dance sessions.

The video was shared on Twitter handle @fasc1nate with the caption, “Throwback to this Gorilla in a pool dancing to Maniac.” The gorilla featured in the clip is Zola from Dallas Zoo. He is quite popular among netizens for his dance videos. In this particular video that has resurfaced online, he can be seen dancing his heart out and splashing water in a blue-coloured tub. The background score Maniac makes the video even more delightful to watch.

Watch the viral video below:

Since being shared a day ago, the video has raked up more than 21.7 million views and still increasing. The share has also gathered numerous comments from netizens.

🎵What a feeling
Being’s believin’
I can have it all, now I’m dancing for my life🎵

— crimson-nerd (@tobicrimsonnerd) November 29, 2022

I do the exact same thing when my wife tells me we are having tacos for dinner.

— Texas Badger (@TexasBadger1976) November 29, 2022

Many also appreciated the ape’s dance moves and remarked that Zola loves to dance. What are your thoughts on the video?


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