Tyrus shares lessons from his new memoir: you’ll be ‘attacked from both sides, no matter what’

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Tyrus shares lessons from his new memoir: you’ll be ‘attacked from both sides, no matter what’ #Tyrus #shares #lessons #memoir #youll #attacked #sides #matter Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:


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Fox News contributor Tyrus warned you’ll be “attacked from both sides no matter what” on Saturday’s “One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.”

TYRUS: A lot of times people… always try to put everything in a box. And you’re going to get attacked from both sides no matter what. And in some cases, like me, I was fair-skinned. So if someone darker than me had a problem with me, they brought up the color of my skin. It’s like I’m in a white neighborhood and someone doesn’t like me, they bring out the darkness in my skin. So people do the same things, regardless of their color. So when you get boxed in by the mainstream media and such and they try to get it on one side – you’re going to get it on both sides. But it’s not what they tell you, it’s how you react to it and how you come out of it that defines you.

You have to leave [doubt and anger] to go. And I have a lot of friends, especially, for some reason you see a lot of them in athletics, and maybe that’s what drives a lot of young men into the sport. But they carry that flame, they’ll play that game. And you’ll see a moment where they’ll look in the stands, or they’ll see another player’s family together, and you’ll see that look. And I knew that look. And then one day you have your own kids, or you find yourself in a situation where you realize, “Man, I’m glad he wasn’t around because I would have ended up like him or I would have maybe had some of his habits. So I was better off without him.”



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