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TopUp Mama looking to solve sourcing challenges for restaurants – TmZ.NG #TopUp #Mama #solve #sourcing #challenges #restaurants #TmZ.NG Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Stock-outs, unpredictable prices of farm produce and a lack of working capital are among the challenges that plague small restaurants and food vendors in emerging markets. These are some of the pain-points that TopUp Mama is working to alleviate since its launch in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, last year, and they appear to be headed in the right direction.

Njavwa Mutambo, who co-founded TopUp Mama with Emilie Blauwhoff, and Andrew Kibe, in February 2021, told TmZ.NG that the startup has grown 10 times in the last one year, and has over 3,000 merchants (1,000 active) using its platform to make orders every month.

The B2B e-commerce startup, which has operations in Nigeria too, makes it convenient for restaurants and food vendors to restock. The startup sources supplies from distributors and farmers, and uses its fleet of vehicles to deliver them to vendors and other end-of-chain users. It also offers short-term credit.

“The average adult living in Nairobi will have at least one meal outside their homes every day, but the restaurants that support this consumption have extremely fragmented supply chains. The ability for them to get products for their businesses is extremely constrained. These are the same problems I saw my mother, a restaurateur for more than 30 years, deal with and what inspired this business,” TopUp Mama CEO, Mutambo, told TmZ.NG.

“We work with individual manufacturers and distributors, manage the procurement process, and then aggregate the items in our warehouses, which have cold chain support. We handle the last-mile distribution as well. Our buy-now-pay-later product allows our clients to order more, and in a way that grows their businesses,” he said.

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