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By Jeri Jacquin | November 29, 2022



to The Roku Channel to prepare us for the holidays is the famous tent but this
time filled with non-Brits is THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: Celebrity

should not be a surprise that I am a huge fan of THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW
since its very beginning. Throughout the years and changes of host and judges,
I have never missed an episode for a holiday show. This time, it is the
Americans tackling the challenges of baking for the holidays!

Fineman, Nat Faxon, D’Arcy Carden, Liza Koshy, Marshawn Lynch and Joel Kim
Booster are attempting to take home the cake stand and the Star Baker crown.
Hosting the show is Ellie Kemper and Zach Cherry who go from stand to stand to
see what each star is creating. Watching with his steely blue eyes is Paul
Hollywood and looking for boozy buns is Prue Leith.

out with the Signature Challenge, they must make 12 identical filled
cream puffs, the tension is on as each baker brings his own idea of a delicious
puff to fruition. Of course, most of the tension is caused by Paul Hollywood
giving each baker the stare-of-steel and the straight-face Prue. During the
judging, history is made and bakers are thrilled.

isn’t all, for Round 2, the Technical Challenge set by Paul – they must
make a meringue wreath and very detailed. The recipe is only written for them
in slight detail and the bakers must decide for themselves how long their
creations must bake. The bakers come to realize that first of all they are not
sure what a meringue wreath is! The panic in the tent is palpable and hilarious
at the same time.

the Show Stopper Challenge will decide who will be the winner! They are
being asking to bake a cake decorated with a 3-D element in the theme of their
favorite winter holiday tradition. Given three hours, on your mark, get set and

with sponge cake, Paul and Prue are looking for sheer perfection and to know
exactly what the story is to the cake. Then again, anyone who is a fan of the
show knows that these two judges are committed to their jobs and it keeps
bakers either sweating or cheering. As you can imagine, each baker has a unique
story to tell and the word ‘unusual’ would be absolutely appropriate.

is what happens in the tent of the THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: Celebrity

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GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: Celebrity Holiday comes in time to celebrate the
baking that starts this holiday season. Watching the celebrities bring their
stuff to the tent is interesting, especially since most of them say they are
not bakers. I have to say that my favorite taking on the challenges is Marshawn

the wrath of Paul Hollywood is always a thrill with his eyes giving away
nothing as he watches each of the contestants whip up their creations. Prue is
less with the frightening stares but instead gives insight to the bakers and
praise with anything that might have a little boozy bits in it which cracks me
up every time.

Kemper and Cherry keep an eye on the bakers as well but from a more comical
perspective. Knowing this is stressful, they each interact but stand back when
things get a bit – well – holiday baking rushed.

GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW: Celebrity Holiday is holiday from for everyone
actually. I mean, we don’t have to bake but the creations sure will make you
wish you could eat. Each of the celebrities bring creations and even take
chances and find themselves really wanting to win the coveted cake stand.

give nothing away and yet give everything because this is a show that should be
enjoyed, give everyone many laughs and marvel at what these celebrities come up
with. Not always successful and not always pretty to look at but darn it if you
won’t find yourselves cheering them on with each challenge.

what makes the holidays cheery and bright so get ready for mouth watering holiday
treats from the celebrities!



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