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The First 30 Minutes Of The Original ‘Top Gun’ Are Perfect

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The First 30 Minutes Of The Original ‘Top Gun’ Are Perfect #Minutes #Original #Top #Gun #Perfect Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

It has been my position for a number of years now that the opening 30 minutes of the original Top Gun are about as good as you can possibly do from a filmmaking standpoint. The rest of the movie is pretty great, too. Theres a scene around the midpoint of the movie where Tom Cruise shows up at Kelly McGilliss house for some sort of date/debriefing situation after playing beach volleyball with jeans on in 95-degree San Diego sunshine and asks if he can take a shower. Thats I mean, its kind of funny. But also kind of perfect. The movie does such a good job of telling you exactly who this character is and what hes about that huge chunks of the back half can just be planes going WHOOOOOSH and missiles going VRRRSHH and pilots going WHOAAA and it still advances the plot in a meaningful way. Its cool.

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