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‘The Bitcoin Standard’ Author Says Bitcoin Fixes’ Inflation And Government Control

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‘The Bitcoin Standard’ Author Says Bitcoin Fixes’ Inflation And Government Control #Bitcoin #Standard #Author #Bitcoin #Fixes #Inflation #Government #Control Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Last updated May 15, 2022

Canadian Crypto Investors Score Lower On Questions Testing Financial Literacy In the current global market volatility, the notion that Bitcoin (BTC) is a safe haven against inflation is doubtful and that the leading digital asset will plummet in the coming weeks and months.

Saifedean Ammous, Austrian economist and author of The Bitcoin Standard, mentioned the highlights of Bitcoin in a recent interview with Lex Friedman in his May 11 podcast.

While Ammous discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin, he also bought challenges such as strong inflation to light that are affecting various economies around the world as the asset market is currently in recession. While speaking on these global issues, the economist said:

“I think the biggest problems in the world are easily caused by a government that gives infinite shelter to money, inflation, and public wealth, and I think Bitcoin will solve this.”

Furthermore, the economist underlines that the equivalent parameters of bitcoin have not changed and are still identical.

Most other digital currencies have been subjected to numerous hard forks, which society considers to be improvements in the existing system. While “Bitcoin cannot be upgraded, but we will always upgrade,” Ammous said while pointing toward creators and founders.

Ammous also Commented that:

“Anything centralized is easy to upgrade, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and everything are always upgraded, so as Michael Sailor says, whose responsibility these are, these are someone’s liability, security. If you are someone who is technically and financially responsible, they can increase the supply by 10 times tomorrow.

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