‘Survivor’ alum drops a bombshell about the Do or Die Twist

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“Survivor” alum drops a bombshell about the “do or die” twist

On the May 12 episode of Rob Has a Podcast, season 41 castaway Ricard Foye dropped a bombshell about the phrase “Do or Die.”

The infamous twist, first introduced in Season 41, returned in this week’s episode of Survivor.

Shipwrecked Lindsay Dolashewich fell victim to the controversial twist and was forced to gamble to decide her fate.

How You Can Help Ukraine: Verified Charities, GoFundMe and Ways to Support UkrainiansLuckily for Lindsay, the odds stood and her “survival” game never ended.

Ricard Foye offered his thoughts on the twist in Rob’s podcast and may have started a “survivor” conspiracy theory.

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Is the Do or Die Twist rigged?

Season 41 contestant Deshawn Radden was the first castaway to participate in the Do or Die game.

Like Lindsay, Deshawn was presented with three boxes, two containing a skull symbol and one containing a flame symbol.

The castaways had to choose one of the boxes without knowing what symbol was inside. If they chose a skull chest, their game was up, but they were safe if they chose the flame chest.

The do-or-die game currently has a 100 percent success rate. Both Deshawn and Lindsay chose the flame box. The success rate may seem odd, given that there is only a 33 percent chance of picking the right box.

On Thursday’s episode of “Rob Has a Podcast,” Ricard Foye revealed a behind-the-scenes secret about the twist that has left fans wondering if the game is rigged.

Ricard told Rob that something “strange” happened when Deshawn was playing the “Do or Die” game.

He explained that Jeff Probst pointed to the safe box in Season 41 and said, “One of those boxes is safe. It’s on fire.” Jeff then took two fingers and pointed to the two skull boxes and said, “Two of those boxes have a skull on them.”

Ricard revealed that Deshawn selected the box, which Jeff referred to as “fire,” and made his way to safety.

The Washington native told Rob that during this week’s tribal council he kept a close eye on the screen to see if Jeff was repeating the hand gestures.

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