Suicide Notes: Everything About Death Notes

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Suicide Notes which is also known as death note is a actually a message that is always left behind by a person who is about to take their life or intends to commit sucide.. A Suicide note may be in any form at all but most commonly sucide note is by a written note, a video or an audio message. According to a professor named Lenora Olson who lectures student in the university of Utah school of medicine said that there are different reasons why people choose to commiy commit sucide and these includes ; depression, threat etc.

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Here Are The List Of Some Suicide Notes

Suicide Notes
Suicide Notes

“ Mom, I love you wholeheartedly but I must say this world is not just for me.. I always hope that one day I can definitely find happiness and peace.. I really love you so much and I just hope that you definitely believe me. I just hope on my journey that I will find Jesus.. Please always pray for me, and make sure you pray that I should find happiness anywhere I meet myself.. I’m so hurt inside of me and I just want everything to clear away from my mind and I want it to go away.. I want a new start and I’m not afraid to be dead. I’m only just afraid of tomorrow. 

And also to all my friends and loved ones seeing this I just wanna ask you a favour please don’t ever let my spirit die and always remember me Everytime. Always remember me for the good memories we have had together , remember the thrills we had together, remember the laughs and always the good times we have had together. I just hope that I was able to make a place in your heart and I don’t ever wanna be forgotten.

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Although right now I have chosen to die, I have not chosen to be forgotten. I need to be in a new world which is a world of happiness and also a world of peace. I want everyone one you remember that I am never afraid to die. I only just wanna quit living.. I will miss you .. 

“ I have no friends at all and I have no family. There is no sufficient food for me and no viable job with a poor future prospects.. So therefore I just decided to end everything today and discontinue life because there is really no point in continuing life. My intention today is to drive to a very secluded area which is near my home and take my life. 

“The truth is that I’m not so sure why I’m writing this but I literally went online to make some finding and get some information on sucide which is methods on how to commit sucide. 

Suicide Notes
Suicide Notes

“ I was literally raised in a spiritual family and every Sunday we go to church and we’re also being taught that we should always know the importance of faith and also we should make sure we accept God in our lives.. I’m so depressed and I feel like all this is not just working for me.. I’m always hurt when I was little. I was so hurt in a way no one should ever be hurt that way everyday I always think about death and sucide.  I’ve actually been hospitalized for different sucide attempts I’ve tried in the past..

I’ve also actually been put on medications too, especially antidepressant medications for the treatment of mental disorder diagnosis. I’m just fed up with all that and tires about it. I don’t think I need to bother anymore because I’m not even afraid of death and pain anymore. I’m just fed up with everything and I’m tired. I just wanna leave this world and always pray for me and to be honest I’m definitely tired of trying..

“Dear world, I’m actually leaving you for now because I’m so bored.. And I truly feel like I have literally lived long enough. And I’m tired of everything and the truth is I’m leaving you with all your worries. 

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“ I’m sick and tired of everything because always feel that I’mma go mad one day and I actually keep hearing voices in my ears and this has made me not to concentrate on all my work..I have actually tried all my possible best to fight it out.. but it’s not just working.. and I’ve made up my mind that  I must end everything.. Always remember me everytime. 

“ I have actually tried my best and I have also fought but presently I can’t any longer.. I must just  end this work because I believe there is no hope is really so tough and unfair I feel like this life isn’t for me.. I’m tired of crying everyday and right now the best option is to leave this world. I know this might make you feel sad because we have had so many good memories but as for me I’m not scared of death anymore and I just need to rest and I hope I find peace. 

Suicide Notes
Suicide Notes

“ If I can’t actually see my daughter here right now I know for sure I will literally see her from above. Sometimes I try to watch TV but the honest truth is that I really don’t know what I am watching. It is just so lonely right here, I always try to sleep but it doesn’t just work out and I’m so tired of being hurt all the time. I’m super tired of getting hurt and also being alone all the time.. I always think about the pills that are In the cabinet but I’m always scared. 

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“ I am so weak and my head hurts so much because I cry too much and I always try my best to stop it but it doesn’t work. There is no other solution. I think I just have to leave this world just to make everything much better..  

Advice About Suicide 

The truth is most times we might be tired about life and sometimes life can be so depressing but committing sucide is not the best answer. There is always a solution for everything. Thanks for reading to the very end if this is your first time reading our articles.. make sure you subscribe to our newsletter letter for more awesome contents and also don’t forget to download our mynabo app for different awesome information.

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