Simple Celebrities Episode #24: ¡Feliz Navidad!

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Simple Celebrities Episode #24: ¡Feliz Navidad! #Simple #Celebrities #Episode #Feliz #Navidad Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Before I tell you the plot, I have to tell you a few important things. Number 1, the celebrities now go to a warehouse in the suburb area of Ol Saño, there are also other celebrities there and some of the people there are even residents of Ol Saño or cities in the metro Ol Saño area. Second, did you see a man who played with Rachel Bloom’s big belly? If you did, that man was another celebrity who made his first appearance in this comic. The celebrity’s name was “Anthony Ramos”. He is an actor. He and Rachel Bloom both starred in Trolls World Tour. I picked that man, because the character he voiced (which is King Trollex) is close friends with Queen Barb (the character voiced by Rachel Bloom) in some artwork on Deviantart or Tumblr or some stories on Wattpad. Third, sorry for the slutter at 0:23, I had a hard time saying that because I wrote it too small. Fourth, Diego Augusto (1897 – 1997), as you may all know, is the famous grandfather of Eduardo Augusto. He created the Lawrence Family and Simple Cosmos and CHRISTIAN series. Eduardo Augusto continued all those series when Diego retired in December, 1980. Diego started his Career in 1925 for Walt Disney. He and Walt Disney were friends, and believe it or not, Eduardo Augusto and his immediate family all saw Walt Disney in person! Deigo Augusto died in 1997 at age 100 due to stomach cancer. Lastly, the CHRISTIAN theme songs are all the same as The Three Stooges theme songs. I don’t own them.
It is Christmas Eve. Chris Gaffey and all the celebrities and the residents of the metro area in the warehouse (you may have noticed in a previous episode called, “¡Feliz Día de Gracias!”), are getting together and celebrate. Chris Gaffey also discusses that Rachel Bloom gained weight a few days ago. Leland Powell once again pokes her belly, and Anthony Ramos plays with her enormous belly. He plays around it it until Chris Gaffey says it was enough. Then they celebrate Leland Powell’s 13th birthday. A few hours after that, they watch an original 16mm sepia tone theatrical print of the 1980 film, CHRISTIAN’s Christmas on a projector screen. A few hours after that, Chris Gaffet sets out the cookies and milk for Santa and they all go to bed.

With Selena Gomez, there is probably a mistake with the color of her dress. It appears to me it is darker than usual. If you do not accept the darkness of her neon green dress, I am sorry. I will make it usual next time.

“¡Feliz Navidad!” means “Merry Christmas!” in Spanish
“Medias” mean “Stockings” in Spanish
“Ábrol de Navidad” means “Christmas Tree” in Spanish
“Adornos” means “Ornaments” in Spanish
“¡Beunas Noches, Amigos y Amigas!” means “Good Night, Friends!” in Spanish. Amigos means your male friends and Amigas means your female friends.
“Cumpelaños” means “Birthday” in Spanish
“Amigos y Amigas” only means “Friends” in Spanish. You already know the proper grammar for Spanish.

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