Satisfying Videos Keep These TikTokers’ Small Businesses Booming

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Katherine McRose has been shearing sheep, llamas, and alpacas for over 13 years. But it wasn’t until early 2021 that she and her wife, Darian, of Right Choice Shearing (@rightchoiceshearing) took their talents to TikTok—where they’ve now amassed over 2.5 million followers—to showcase how wool looks when it is gracefully sheared off an animal covered in pounds of it.

One of the first videos on McRose’s account shows her shearing a llama. The video is quick: The viewer sees one swipe of McRose’s shearer, and then the machine whirs as the camera pans to the llama’s face. From the looks of the TikTok, you wouldn’t guess that McRose’s followers follow her and Darian because their videos are satisfying to watch. The video doesn’t emphasize McRose’s movements or the wool rolling off the animal.

But recent videos show a perfected formula: In a TikTok from March 31, McRose shears an alpaca. Her strokes with the shearing machine are captured from above, so the viewer can see the wool as it falls. Each of McRose’s movements is smooth and similar, which easily mesmerizes the viewer. Plus, the sound of the machine has been eliminated and replaced with 50’s Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” 

At the end of the video, McRose runs her hand through the pile of wool, and the viewer can almost feel the soft fibers on their fingertips. If reading about one of McRose’s many visually pleasing videos is enjoyable, just imagine watching one. 

So many people do: @rightchoiceshearing’s TikToks are all varying degrees of viral, and dozens have millions of views.

The McRoses aren’t the only TikTok creators who have capitalized on the uniquely satisfying nature of the videos they take of their work. From dog grooming to paint mixing, hair detangling, and body waxing, TikTok creators are sharing their handiwork and racking up massive follower accounts and views. Plus, some of them are benefitting professionally from doing so from the TikTok creator fund, brand partnerships, and all of the new clients they’ve gained from TikTok.

The TmZ Blog spoke with five TikTok creators who make niche, satisfying videos about what goes into creating content while staying at the top of their game at work. While millions of views don’t always equate to millions of dollars, the creators believe the satisfaction they and their viewers derive from their content is good for business—and for people’s brains.

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