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RHOBH Alum Suggests Erika Jayne Do OnlyFans, Shades Rinna

RHOBH Alum Suggests Erika Jayne Do OnlyFans, Shades Rinna #RHOBH #Alum #Suggests #Erika #Jayne #OnlyFans #Shades #Rinna. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

RHOBH Alum Suggests Erika Jayne Do OnlyFans, Thinks Rinna Would “Revel” in Denise’s Return, and Hints at Possible “Skeletons” in Denise’s Closet

As Real Housewives of Beverly Hills enters an off-season, producers and execs are likely considering the cast of season 13. Many fans are screaming for the firing of Lisa Rinna, who went after Kathy Hilton over an alleged Aspen meltdown.

The hatred against Lisa – and her biggest ally, Erika Jayne, who’s swimming in legal woes as her husband is accused of fraud – is so strong that the stars were booed at BravoCon.

In an interview for the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast, alum Kathryn Edwards suggested Erika should do OnlyFans. “Like what could she possibly do? She could do OnlyFans,” said Kathryn. “She could make a killing doing that. She should do that.”

The alum then took a jab at Lisa. “If [Rinna] just takes the time off, takes the wigs, all the makeup off, and goes back to her little short hair that Brandi [Glanville] busted on her about and try to like channel her old self, maybe she can sell some more diapers.”

As of now, according to Kathryn, there isn’t enough “ammunition” to “take [Lisa] down,” as she doesn’t have a “scandal” like Erika, and she hasn’t been heard using a racial slur. “I mean, she’s had her meltdowns on TV. She’s smashed a glass, she’s screamed at people. She’s done everything. You know, if no one wants to go after her for what she’s done thus far, what more can she do to where it’s take-downable?”

Kathryn said Lisa would “revel in it” if nemesis Denise Richards returned to RHOBH. “Rinna would gear up for that one with like boxing gloves.” Kathryn also wondered if Lisa has “more dish” on Denise.

“I know of a couple other people who have said things about Denise that haven’t made it out to the press. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know,” said Kathryn. “Denise may not have a clean closet of skeletons… who knows whatever else there is to say.”

The alum believes Lisa will be “fine” financially if she exits the show, and she has a “nice little nest egg put away… if it all ended tomorrow. I’m not thinking she’s gonna be like Kim Zolciak losing her house.”

Kathryn then addressed the rumor that Heather Dubrow is gunning for a spot on RHOBH. The alum thinks “maybe that’s who the next” cast member person is, and if this is the case, Heather would likely join Team Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. “Maybe they are already talking to her. That would be smart.”

She added, “But I still think Denise coming back would be a real thing, because Denise left over money. She didn’t get fired. They were in negotiations and rumors. She wanted like $4 million or something. But I think they’re not gonna give her that… I think Heather would give them more bang for the buck.”

Regarding the potential return of Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn shared, “I don’t think she’ll go back… I think the ship sailed. And the longer you’re away from [the show], the clearer the lens becomes of how toxic and bad it is.”

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