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Prince William Cheating Scandal

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Prince William Cheating Scandal: In this article, we are going to tell you everything we know about the rumors that Prince William cheated on Kate

Prince William Cheating

There hasn’t been a scandal involving Kate Middleton since she met Prince William while studying at the University of St. Andrews. The biggest scandal Middleton has caused was during her short divorce from Wills.  She apparently got intoxicated on white wine, went to a disco wearing Playboy bunny ears, and fell down while roller skating in a flashy, sequined halter top. Basically, she was going through the motions of a breakup.

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Did Prince William cheat on Kate?

As the type of lady who poses in heels just after giving birth, it’s safe to predict that whatever controversy finally engulfs the royal couple won’t originate from her end — and she’d grin graciously through it. That’s exactly what happened when In Touch published a cover story alleging that Prince William cheated on the duchess with her acquaintance, Rose Hanbury.

Middleton endured similar infidelity allegations to those experienced by Princess Diana decades before her, but this time the rumors were unusually thin. They originated from a single American newspaper and went almost unnoticed by the British press.
They still went viral, despite the fact that it wasn’t long before Prince William was trending worldwide.

The fundamental question remains as to where the rumors originated. On the surface, it appears like the whole incident began with a strange, unfounded female fight and escalated into the ultimate betrayal. Let’s take a look at what’s been revealed regarding Prince William’s infidelity issue.

Who exactly is Rose Hanbury?

Rose Hanbury

To properly comprehend what’s going on with the latest scandalous royal rumors, it’s necessary to first identify Kate Middleton’s “rural rival,” Rose Hanbury. According to The Sun, Hanbury is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, which is called “Chumley” for some strangely British reason.

How can a word have so many silent letters? A Marchioness is the wife of a Marquess, which is an aristocratic title that ranks slightly below Duke, according to The Cut. In other words, assuming the reports are accurate, Hanbury did get hit — but how close is she to Middleton?

Hanbury is a member of Kate and Wills’ Norfolk pal group known as the “Turnip Toffs.” Based on their riches and drama potential, the Toffs is essentially the UK real-life remake of Dynasty. Hanbury is a former model who made news when she was seen in a swimsuit next to former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Her husband, David Rocksavage, an Eton-educated former filmmaker 23 years her older, inherited a £112 million inheritance.

They’re mega-wealthy and have been involved in royal circles for centuries. Hanbury’s grandmother was a bridesmaid at the Queen’s wedding, and she was named best-dressed during Kate and Wills’ royal wedding.

The Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley dwell in a 106-room house three and a half miles from Kate and Wills’ Anmer Hall home, and their children play together. Is there a greater relationship between high-status parents?

Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury

Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury allegedly had a major falling out.

kate and rose hanbury

According to the Daily Beast in April 2019, whispers of a royal affair had been circulating for over a year, but the first inkling that something wasn’t quite right with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surfaced in a Daily Mail article that said Kate Middleton regarded Rose Hanbury as her “rural rival.”

A similar opinion was expressed in The Sun a few days later. According to the tabloid, the Duchess of Cambridge wanted Hanbury “phased out” of their social circle after a major dispute, and Prince William was attempting to mediate the matter. Consider all the fancy double dates he’d miss out on because his unquestionably cooler younger brother was hanging out with Hollywood celebrities. Nonetheless, the cause of the reported quarrel remained unknown.

Since 2018, Middleton and Prince William have dodged many reports of suspected in-fighting. The tabloids have mostly been obsessed with Kate’s connection with her sister-in-law Meghan Markle. According to some accounts, the royal couple wanted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to leave England so they could remain in the limelight.

Others said that a (possibly non-existent) royal schism was resolved on Easter with a “peace sacrifice.” This time, rumors of Middleton’s female fighters have been noticeably scarce. According to the Daily Beast, no one outlet could explain what happened in detail, assuming it happened at all.

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By breaking royal etiquette, Prince William arouses suspicion

prince william

History does not favor Prince William. When his father, Prince Charles, had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles while still married to Princess Diana, he became entangled in a similar controversy – one that actually occurred. Parker Bowles is now the Duchess of Cornwall, but history does not always repeat itself as much as the tabloids would like.

While Rose Hanbury was named best-dressed during the royal wedding, there is no indication she was contending for the actual throne. So, why was Prince William apparently acting strangely about it?

Wills and Kate Middleton should be able to joke about a rumor with almost no evidence over Sunday night Yorkshire puddings. They’ll have to get used to it. According to the Daily Beast, it’s even official royal practice to avoid false reports at all costs, but William reversed the script, just as Meghan Markle did when she locked her own vehicle door.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William apparently pondered legal action before learning about the alleged affair. So, might his reaction indicate that there was anything there? Why else would he be concerned?

According to The Daily Beast, Prince William did finally file legal action. He is accused of issuing at least one legal notice to the media that spread suspicions about the romance.

The first major news story about Prince William’s alleged affair

Prince William

Prince William Cheating Scandal: Though numerous smaller websites and British tabloids have reported on Wills’ alleged affair, In Touch was the first mainstream magazine to publish a piece on his claimed fling with his Turnip Toff buddy. According to the Daily Beast, Prince William allegedly committed the deed while Kate Middleton was pregnant with their third child – a smack in the face for someone who was already a devoted mother of two and had waited seven years for her royal title. Not to mention that if the rumored affair had occurred, it might have acted as disturbing, overwhelming proof that we all become our parents (at least if it’s real, which courtiers who talked to the Daily Beast insist is not the case).

According to In Touch (via the Daily Beast), when Middleton learned of the reports, she “immediately confronted” Wills and “directed” him to “stop associating with the Cholmondeleys,” resulting in the previously reported fall-out. Her faith in her royal spouse is said to have waned since then. According to reports, the news “rocked the palace and their marriage.”

Kensington Palace did not respond to the rumors, as is customary for royals, but it’s no secret that In Touch has a complex relationship with veracity. According to The New York Times, In Touch publishes a fake article about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy multiple times a year — and that’s just for one celebrity.

On Twitter, a famous reporter verified the cheating accusations

Royal Cheating Scandal

Prince William Cheating Scandal: If there was one thing that gave the royal affair allegations a boost, it was when Giles Coren, a Times of London staff writer, verified the stories on Twitter. Coren tweeted, according to Parade, “It’s a romance. I haven’t read the article, but I am aware of the scandal. Everyone is aware of the incident, dear.” He quickly removed the post, but Parade claimed that additional well-connected individuals were supporting the accusations.

Still, Coren may not be the most dependable narrator in this case. The journalist has a penchant for inciting outrage, and it’s not uncommon for him to write an allegedly racist restaurant review or make an ill-advised remark. According to one Vice writer, the columnist “essentially gets paid to swill scotch around a glass and say the most f***ed up he can think of. A tragic rumor involving two of Britain’s most adored celebrities seems appropriate at the time.

Aside from Coren, practically no prominent British tabloids have spread the rumors (though, the Daily Beast did shut them down). This might be due to Britain’s stringent libel laws, as well as William and Harry’s recent proclivity to go after media. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge previously won $115,000 in court after suing a French magazine over photographs of them topless and sunbathing. In contrast, Harry received a retraction from The Daily Star when they published a piece regarding allegations of an affair with Pippa Middleton in 2016.

According to reports, Prince William shrugged aside the infidelity accusations

Prince William Laughed off

This is the most believable side of the tale, at least for aristocrats who are seldom seen even frowning at each other in public. According to the In Touch article (via the Daily Beast), Prince William wasn’t too bothered by the allegations, even though his wife was. When Middleton brought it up, the Duke of Cambridge allegedly laughed off the headlines, “saying there was nothing to it.” According to Hollywood Life, Middleton doesn’t believe the allegations, but hearing them pains her. The royals are people, too. Who would have guessed?

Despite the fact that William and Kate aren’t worried about their marriage — despite the bold-faced In Touch cover — the couple is concerned about the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. After all, she isn’t used to the type of pernicious renown bestowed upon accused, high-profile homewreckers. We saw that with the Duchess of Cornwall, who said she couldn’t leave her house afterword of her romance broke, and it’s possible that’s why the Cambridges were anxious.

According to Hollywood Life, Rose Hanbury is “not used to this kind of public attention,” so the royal couple was “extremely worried” for her well-being, especially because she is such a close family friend.

Kate Middleton is said to have fallen in a toilet as a result of the infidelity scandal

Prince William Wife Collapse

While Prince William supposedly laughed off allegations of an affair, Kate Middleton was purportedly gutted, according to a tabloid article published in the Globe — and pretty much just the Globe, in case you’re wondering about the veracity of this one. According to Micky, who paraphrased the print article, the Duchess of Cambridge was apparently so shaken by the rumor that she went to stay at her parents’ house in Berkshire, where she fell in tears.

The Globe said that Middleton “refused to eat” and “locked herself in the toilet while weeping hysterically” in a dramatic chain of events. Carole, her mother, reportedly barged in after an hour of anxiety and saw her daughter “crumbled in a heap” on the floor (we’re presuming unconscious, although it’s unclear if she was sobbing like a spurned lover on Coronation Street). She then apparently awakened the duchess and summoned a doctor as well as Prince William, who hurried to her side and was instantly yelled at. Following that, William is said to have stormed out of his in-laws’ home and returned to wherever ashamed princes hide from the public.

The Globe doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record of accuracy, and given that the duchess strolled out of the hospital in heels just hours after giving birth, we’re thinking an affair didn’t lead her to fall uncontrollably — but that’s just a suggestion.

Meghan Markle is said to have been by Kate Middleton’s side.

Meghan Markle

For a long time, the purported animosity between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton has been a popular topic in the tabloids. It all started with Vanity Fair’s royal journalist Katie Nicholl telling InStyle in March 2018 that the royals weren’t good friends but weren’t arguing.

It was also the first time someone brought up the differences between the two duchesses, which became a major focus in the subsequent tabloid stories. By November 2018, the floodgates had opened, and the royal schism had become a thing of tabloid legend, despite Middleton’s attempts to quell it by stating she was looking forward to Markle’s baby later that month.

The purported schism between Middleton and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley appears to be less than the schism between the two duchesses these days. According to Hollywood Life, Markle stood by her sister-in-law during the infidelity accusations, despite the fact that she was preparing for the arrival of her first child.

“She’s loyal, so of course she’s standing by her family at this difficult time,” a source told the newspaper.

That other Prince William debacle

Prince William Debacle

Perhaps the affair accusations sparked such fury in the tabloids because Prince William has been caught in a morally dubious situation at least once before. Wills was reportedly seen gyrating on Australian model Sophie Taylor and chatting with another lady in a video taken by British visitors in 2017.

According to The Sun, the event occurred during a ski trip in Switzerland for a group of lads. Wills was apparently “dancing so wildly” that one spectator didn’t recognize him (dancing is an apparent scandal in both the world of Footloose and British royalty). While the Duchess of Cambridge might have merely rolled her eyes, Wills was “dirty dancing” with not one, but two separate ladies. He allegedly put his hands on one of them’s waist and “flirtatiously” took the cowboy hat of the other, who was assumed to be Taylor.

Taylor allegedly executed a dance move dubbed “the Sl*t Drop” during the club outing (because that’s obviously a thing). Onlookers were reportedly “amazed” by the prince’s actions, seemingly forgetting that his brother previously dressed up in a Nazi outfit for a costume party.

“It’s reasonable to anticipate that Kate will be far from thrilled about this,” Vanity Fair royal analyst Katie Nicholl told the publication. The couple appeared to be able to move on from the event, and Middleton announced her third pregnancy a year later.

Was Prince William born with a wandering eye?

Prince William Wandering Eyes

Most of us had forgotten that Kate Middleton and Prince William’s relationship had not always been plain sailing by the time Rose Hanbury arrived. The duchess was called “Waity Katie” before their 2010 engagement announcement. After all, it had taken years. Wills wasn’t exactly a model boyfriend at the time, at least according to the tabloids.

The couple parted in 2007 after a tough stretch. Following that, The Daily Mail released an article claiming to reveal the “truth” of their breakup: William was afflicted with a wandering eye, which would eventually reemerge during the royal infidelity scandal. “He’s only 24 and simply wasn’t ready to settle down,” a source said. “He’s always had a wandering eye, even more so than Harry, the family’s playboy. Kate had always understood and accepted this — it was part of the arrangement if you will.”

Around the same time, William was photographed getting close with a mysterious blonde in a London nightclub, and he’d allegedly been speaking with a “well-connected young woman” for months, according to the Evening Standard. The latter was described as a “serious flirtation,” but it was obviously not that serious, or Middleton would not be a duchess. In any case, that was over a decade ago. We hope the prince has matured since then.

Is Prince William’s rumored affair to blame for a royal schism between his brothers?

prince william and prince harry

The purported animosity between Prince William and Prince Harry is well-documented tabloid mythology at this point. We’re not even sure it happened, but The Sun has given a variety of hypotheses as to why the brothers were reportedly feuding. This included Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the royal family as senior members — dubbed Megxit — and Wills’ apparent rejection of his younger brother’s relationship.

According to a more current Page Six report, the whole affair started in 2005, amid Harry’s Nazi costume fiasco. Nonetheless, one writer speculated that Rose Hanbury was at the core of the alleged altercation between the lads.

In a series of now-deleted tweets (via Micky), writer Nicole Cliffe proposed that William spilled the beans about his alleged romance with Hanbury to Harry, and the ginger prince freaked out — especially given their father’s own infidelity. “Wills would have certainly told Harry about the affair because that’s how those two are,” she wrote. “And I believe Harry was thinking, ‘This is precisely what wrecked our childhoods, this is pulling some Dad [explicit], you have three little children, what the [explicit]?”

Of course, there is no evidence of this, and in January 202, a royal spokeswoman issued a categorical denial regarding any conflict between the royal brothers, according to The Sun.

Happy Wedding Anniversary?

Happy Anniversary

The allegations of Prince William’s infidelity couldn’t have come at a worse time for the pair, who celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on April 29, 2019. To commemorate the occasion, Kensington Palace published a tweet with images from the couple’s 2011 Westminster Abbey wedding, which appeared to be a rejection of the infidelity accusations — though they did not formally comment on them. Needless to say, the Internet erupted in outrage. Prepare for an assault of memes.

Some commenters speculated whether Kensington Palace was kidding (something the royal family isn’t renowned for) by using gifs of Beyoncé laughing and that guy blinking his eyes repeatedly while appearing very puzzled. Following In Touch’s article, several people believed it was “too soon” to release wedding photographs. They sort of stumbled into this one.

Aside from tabloid fodder and jokes, Kate Middleton received a lavish anniversary present from Queen Elizabeth II. The queen appointed the duchess as a Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, according to Buckingham Palace. If you’re not familiar with the title, it’s basically the female version of being named a knight, according to Today. Middleton will be able to wear a blue sash to formal gatherings as a result of her new honor, letting everyone know she’s a total boss – controversy or no scandal.

Rose Hanbury’s marriage was said to be in trouble

Rose Hanbury's marriage

Not only was Kate Middleton’s marriage reportedly in jeopardy as a result of Prince William’s suspected infidelity. Rose Hanbury’s marriage to David Rocksavage was also allegedly on the rocks, according to a now-deleted story from The Sun (via Celeb****y), and she was personally struggling with being the topic of all that talk. Remember that Hanbury never chose to be in the spotlight. She has just become friends with two of the most well-known persons in the United Kingdom. Whoops.

According to a source in the 2019 article, Hanbury spends a lot of time apart from her spouse, partially because his work requires him to be abroad for “lengthy periods.” Friends of the film investor stated he wasn’t the marrying kind, so she was effectively left to care for their three children alone. Aside from that, Hanbury was supposedly forced to live in a “very humble flat” at their usually opulent house Houghton Hall, which is available to the public during the summer. We can only express our horror. In the very least, she may take a vacation at the family’s six-bedroom farmhouse, which is located on the property, but it seems like a terrible time.

Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton have been seen together since the infidelity allegations surfaced.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Rose Hanbury in a split picture

Prince William and Rose Hanbury

You’d never know if Kate Middleton had truly removed the Cholmondeleys. Since InTouch published the alleged romance, the duchess has been photographed with her so-called rural rival on two occasions. In other words, the couple either repaired the fences between their adjacent homes or an American tabloid made the whole thing up.

Both ladies attended President Donald Trump’s state luncheon at Buckingham Palace in June 2019, according to Town & Country, and Hanbury was “seated relatively near” the royal couple. The International Business Times described it as a “unpleasant” reunion, but we’re not sure who it’s awkward for: the aristocratic rivals or the tabloids who allegedly dreamed up their quarrel in the first place.

A few months later, the friends were seen attending St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. According to Tatler, Hanbury and her husband both joined the royals, and the whole affair appeared to be “amicable” because the group was allegedly “smiling.” Apart from a traditional English breakfast, there is no tea served here.

The queen believes in the’strength’ of the Cambridges’ relationship

Kate Middleton and Prince William share a chuckle.

Queen Elizabeth II does not have an express say in the Cambridges’ marriage — or whether they divorce — but her view is undoubtedly influential. According to PopSugar, she did send letters requesting that Prince Charles divorce Princess Diana in the thick of his infidelity scandal. She even allowed Diana to keep her title after the divorce (after all, her son was the one doing the princess dirty). Keeping this in mind, the queen is said to have done nothing for Prince William and Kate Middleton. In fact, she is said to have complete trust in the duo.

Majesty Magazine’s editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward said in an interview with Okay (via the Daily Mail) that the queen is “sad but pragmatic” about royal divorces. Overall, she supposedly feels it’s “too simple to divorce,” but she’s still banking on the “strength” of the Cambridges’ marriage in the aftermath of a string of heartbreaking royal splits. Keep in mind that three of Queen Elizabeth’s four children are divorced. “If she didn’t have them,” Seward speculated, “she may think to herself, ‘Goodness, after almost 70 years on the throne, it’s all come to naught.'” Fortunately, that does not appear to be the case. As of this writing, the pair is said to have connected over Princess Charlotte’s floss dance. According to Hello!, Middleton has it down down, and Wills may benefit from some pointers.

The infidelity accusations actually enhanced Prince William and Kate Middleton’s marriage

kate and prince
Kate Middleton and Prince William smile during a Zoom call Handout/Getty Images

It just took a few months for these royals to put the infidelity allegations to rest. While numerous tabloids stated that the Cambridges’ marriage was on the verge of dissolution, Prince William and Kate Middleton came out on top. According to reports, the couple’s marriage was still going strong in June 2019.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Middleton found the allegations “hurtful” and was upset that her children might be able to read about the rumours online one day, but she refused to unravel. “[The rumors] caused her and William to take a step back and analyze their relationship, which they recognized they should have done more regularly,” the insider added. According to a second insider, the couple is “motivated to pull through it and are doing a wonderful job of putting their marriage back on track again.”

All marriages need effort — and some require much more if you’re continually bombarded with turmoil from the media. Despite this, William and Kate are said to “still love each other deeply” and are focused on their children.

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