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About Palmer Candy 

Palmer Candy is a popularly known Company, that is in full line production of chocolate and holiday confections. Palmer’s customers range from the world’s largest mass dealers to the corner grocery store.

Palmer candy

Palmer Candy has been providing standard quality products and great customer service since its existence.

Where are Palmer candies made?

95 percent of Parmer’s products are made from plants in Pennsylvania in the United States.  And some of their gold coins, are produced in Holland or Israel.

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They also have few items that contain chocolate properties, which were not manufactured in the U.S.

Palmers Candy: Mailing Address

  • R.M. Palmer Company
  • PO Box 1723
  • Reading PA 19603
  • 610.372.8971

Palmer Candy: Headquarters

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  • R.M. Palmer Company
  • 77 S. Second Avenue
  • West Reading, PA 19611

Palmer Candy products

We have varieties of Palmer’s Candy products, with only but few listed.

  • Pineapple Twin Bing- Christmas King Bing
  • Twin Bing- Patriotic King Bing
  • Snack Size Bing- King Bing


  • Cherry Cream Clusters-Old Fashioned Creme Drops
  • Chocolate Covered Peanuts-Chocolate Bridge Mix
  • Chocolate Carmel Clusters- Sea Salt Caramel Eggs
  • Vanilla Cream Clusters- Opera Creams
  • Chocolate Peanut Clusters-Chocolate Stars
  • Chocolate Caramels- Chocolate Raisins
  • Sea Salt Caramels- Sea Salt Caramel


  • Frosted No Swirl Pretzels- Chocolate Football Pretzels
  • Classic Yogurt Pretzels- Chocolatey Football Pretzels
  • Frosted Swirl Pretzels Frosted Peppermint Pretzels
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Nugget- Frosted Heart Pretzels
  • Chocolatey Pretzels- Chocolate Heart Pretzels
  • Caramel Swirl Pretzels- Chocolatey Heart Pretzels
  • Palmer’s Candy: Story

Palmers starting around 1878; that is a lot of family time! We have continued to turn out to be together, participating in one another’s triumphs, acquiring from our mistakes, and getting a charge out of more than a few decent laughs.

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We are satisfied with our remarkable history that is included by five periods of family ownership and the board.

The Palmer Candy Company works today as not only one of the nation’s most prepared treats associations but as the outstandingly most prepared association of its size to be under unending family ownership in the United States!

The company started as a fruit company, created by William Palmer.

Palmer Candy

His dad, E.C., had moved the family from Michigan to Sioux City following a fire at their business. The dad opened a staple market in Sioux City, while William wandered off to his own business

Today, more than 141 years after the fact, a fifth-age relative, the extraordinary incredible grandson of the originator, E.C. Palmer, runs the Palmer Candy Company. Even though the organization keeps on developing, we always remember our initial roots by proceeding to make quality confections each cluster in turn utilizing the best fixings and cautious respected creation strategies.

We value being one of the most seasoned family-possessed and worked for organizations in the country. We love making chocolate sugary treats and appreciate satisfying our 100-year-old saying – “Making Life Sweeter Since 1878”!

Before the turn of the century, the Palmers distinguished the need to enhance and dug into the sweets business, selling mass and hard candy in wooden compartments from the rear of their organic product house. The organization rapidly grew out of its quarters and in 1900 moved into another four-story building.

They were very glad for their skyscraper, a present-day office that gloated such cutting-edge advances as alkali cold stockpiling and its electric generator. The plant made extravagant hand-plunged boxed chocolates, penny candy, gumdrops, and marshmallows.

This was the start of the Palmer nut and nutmeat business that exists today. In 1956,

the organization bought the treats division of the Johnson Biscuit Company, guaranteeing the freedoms of the famous La Fama candy brand. Simultaneously, the organization started buying candy from different makers and ventured into the repack and rack business.

Today, the Shoppe is as occupied as could be expected exhibiting our organization’s most delicious treats and treats. Make a trip and see us! Our staff is glad to help you with the many treatment choices, including some exemplary top choices, for example, the Twin Bing, La Fama, and our popular nut bunches.

We’re proceeding to make life better for our clients by growing new treats, finding new items, and planning better approaches to appreciate them all. We’ve redone our bundling to mirror the fun, energy, and unadulterated happiness regarding eating something exceptional from Palmer Candy Company.

Palmer Candy USA

We’re spreading out and setting our items into all the more shopping complexes so clients from across the space and past can partake in a newly made Palmer Candy treat. Our internet-based store additionally offers a wide assortment of items prepared to send whether you’re in the temperament for a nostalgic snack or searching for that ideal gift.

Palmer Candy

Farmers Candy: Innovation

The Farmers Candy have sugar-tidied, chocolate-plunged and caramel-sprinkled everything, and we’re not done at this point. There’s nothing old in our office, not the sweets and positively not the motivation. We reliably endeavor to make new flavors that will equal even our most famous contributions and can do likewise for your business.

They fostered the Bing piece of candy in 1923, changing boxed chocolates and penny candy. Today, we are at the bleeding edge of food administration, work works on, bundling, data frameworks, and creative methods. Notwithstanding, whether it is a bundling plan or another item, Palmer Candy has the experience and drive to transform these confectionary dreams into the real world. What would we be able to make for you?

Farmers Candy: Reliability:

Parmer’s Candy is additionally a dependable organization, they ensure they put forth a valiant effort in making the clients cheerful and fulfilled.

It could be our Midwestern roots, however, we think dependability is guaranteed, not a reward. We invest wholeheartedly in our family-possessed business’ standing for being straightforward and solid. We would simply prefer not to address your issues, that is simple, we need to surpass them. This obligation to our clients is the explanation we’re as yet in business, while so many of our past rivals are not. In 1980, more than 300 family-run treats organizations existed in the United States; by 2004, 30 remained.

Palmer Candy has outlived generally because of our remarkable client care (we have a genuine individual noting our telephone), our obligation to client secrecy, and how we speak with you all through each progression of the interaction. It likewise doesn’t hurt that our Sioux City best in the class office, with more than 300,000-square-feet of creation space, can produce confections, nuts, munchies, and chocolate in record time. Prepared to fire concocting something?

Parmer’s Candy shop

Each visit to Palmer’s Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe is a brilliantly tasty advance back on schedule. Mass treats like chocolate covered-peanuts, Swedish fish, peppermint turns, and broiled nuts are fit to be gathered up, in a real sense, and brought home for shamefully great nibbling. Bundled things like our handcrafted weak, ocean salt caramels and bite blends are stacked and prepared for the people who need to get in and out.

We likewise have the best confectionary case in the space loaded up with connoisseur truffles and fudge made in flavor blends like, Strawberry Vanilla whirl, Rocky Road, and Chewy Praline that will fulfill any sweet tooth.

Furthermore, last, yet unquestionably not least, are the containers and boxes of Twin Bing sweet treats. These famous cherry nougat hills shrouded in a hash of meal peanuts and chocolate will move the most delicious beloved recollections.

While you’re here, perceive how the candy was once made. Our shop incorporates a little exhibition hall that grandstands our resigned sweets-making gear, vintage photographs, and other fun recorded things. Our staff knows their treats and desserts and are eager to assist you to track down the right determination from straightforward gifts to rich wedding treats.

Palmer’s Candy: Recommendations

Not to boast, but rather Parmer’s Candy has been around for some time, beginning around 1878. At the point when you’ve been making candy as long as we have, you will be very acceptable at it. They utilize their skill to help their clients discover answers for their business needs, not simply to sell something. Palmer’s best-in-class offices are loaded with a full scope of assembling and bundling gear and capacities that will finish your task inventively and effectively. With us, the flavor of your prosperity will be sweet and dependable.

Parmer’s Candy: Bakery

To Increase your bread kitchen deals, without expanding work costs, get Palmer Candy. Envision offering your clients a large number of columns of sweet and pungent munchies, richly sprinkled caramel-covered popcorn, or natively constructed nut weak very much like mother used to make. The prospects, and the assortments Parmer’s proposition, are scrumptiously interminable. All of Parmer’s items are accessible in an assortment of bundling choices like tubs, plates, canisters, stand-up resealable packs, and transporters.

We should begin something tasty with a productive organization!

• Adding retail-prepared candy is a characteristic expansion of a current “defrost and sell” and “standardly heated” product offering.

• most of our items are accessible in both mass and retail prepared, permitting pastry shops to execute their bundling or pick the turnkey comfort of a retail-prepared item.

• Caseloads range from 10 pounds to 28 pounds for mass treats.

• All retail-prepared items are stuffed in pivoted bread kitchen holders that are effectively stackable and settled for showing. Case amounts range from 12 to 24 units.

• Newly created nibble bowls appeal to the purchasers that are facilitating gatherings or social occasions.

• We offer above 20 assortments of both mass and retail-prepared including nut fragile to walnut godliness and chocolate almond bark.

Parmer’s Contract Sales

We need to be your full assistance contract accomplice. Little or huge redid orders run as smooth as peanut butter in our 300,000-square-foot creation and distribution center office. Quality items, individual help, dependability, and client faithfulness are the foundations of our five-age treats-making organization. Custom confections and chocolates are only a sample of what Palmer Candy can present as your agreement accomplice.

As your full-administration contract producer, Palmer Candy offers,

• Product types that incorporate chocolates, homestyle confections, covered pretzels, nibble blends, forte barks, fragile and toffees, just as expelled items.

• Packaging choices like tubs, plates, and canisters, stake sacks, laydown sacks, gusseted sacks, stand-up recloseable pockets, showcases, transporters, and bed shows.

• An assembling cycle with top quality and food handling programs set up including allergen control rehearses, ace disinfection plans, provider reviews, item and natural substance detectability, mark consistency check, food security, and considerably more.

• Upgraded and progressed gear capacities to deal with the greatest or littlest positions from our nut simmering office to fudge and fragile divisions to chocolate enrobing and right to our pressing office.

• A pledge to giving remarkable client assistance, client secrecy, and consistent correspondence.

Parmer’s Candy: Private Mark

Private mark sweets offer purchasers a great worthwhile while enabling organizations to put precisely what they need on their racks. It’s what we in the treats world call a “mutual benefit,” and nobody shows improvement over Palmer Candy. That is because protection and classification are the firm pretzels to our Caramel Swirls, the peanuts to our Chocolate Caramel Clusters, and the cherry community to our Twin Bing; they simply go together. We have worked with a portion of the country’s biggest merchandisers on their private mark lines and can do likewise for you. Long stretches of involvement back the group that will assist you with developing your undertaking from the beginning bundling plan, item creation, and quality testing. Our sweets and dessert choices are just about as unending as our bundling choices.

Why pick Palmer Candy for your private name manifestations?

Palmer Candy

• A forerunner in the private name sweets field for over 10 years.

• Our computerized printing measure permits our clients to have the public brand “look” without the requirement for a stock of everything.

• Our top-selling things incorporate sticky items like worms and bears, however, we can add chocolate and occasional candy to your choices also.

• We’re a one-source provider that can deal with 100% of the volume, any future extension needs and we have a setup conveyance framework to convey total and on schedule.

• We are additionally dedicated to quality with elevated expectations currently set up and rehearsed for quality and sanitation.

• Brand name things and provincial top pick from years passed by would all be able to be made through our Private Label program.

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