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One Boruto Weapon Completely Outclasses Naruto’s Original Sharingan

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One Boruto Weapon Completely Outclasses Naruto’s Original Sharingan #Boruto #Weapon #Completely #Outclasses #Narutos #Original #Sharingan Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

Naruto’s Sharingan is easily the series’ most iconic jutsu, but a weapon in Boruto actually makes it look pretty basic in retrospect.

Few jutsu fromNaruto are as instantly recognizable as the Sharingan, butBoruto actually introduced one weapon that is just the original Sharingan but better in almost every way. While the Sharingan is one of Sasuke’s god-tier jutsu inNaruto, it may have been outdone by something far more technological.

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In the originalNarutoseries, the Sharingan is the Kekkei Genkai (basically an inherited jutsu) of the Uchiha clan. In its base form it gives the user enhanced eyesight, lets them see chakra, and allows them to effortlessly copy almost any jutsu they see as long as it is one they’d normally be able to use. The jutsu is incredibly useful in the world ofNaruto and is part of what makes ninja-like Sasuke and Kakashi such powerhouses. No matter how powerful the jutsu their opponents use, any wielder of the Sharingan can copy it and use it to their own advantage. Unfortunately, the Sharingan’s big weakness is how it can drain the user’s chakra, leaving them exhausted after prolonged use. While Boruto would introduce a jutsu similar to the Sharingan later on, there’s also a tool introduced much earlier that improves on the Sharingan’s base form.Any Shinobi tired of how taxing the Sharingan could be though should take a look at one ninja tool introduced inBoruto; theShinobiGauntlet.


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Introduced inBoruto’s very first chapter, the Gauntlet is an incredibly powerful tool that has the potential to reshapeNaruto’s entire ninja world. As demonstrated by Konohamaru, the ninja gauntlet allows the user to replicate almost any jutsu provided they have a small scroll containing the jutsu. Jutsu that would normally take a tremendous amount of practice and chakra become available with ease. Using the gauntlet, Konohamaru uses jutsu that would normally be impossible for him, such as Shikamaru’s shadow possession. It doesn’t even ninja a ninja to be able to use it, as it does not pull from the user’s chakra reserves. While these abilities all might seem simple, they end up giving the user several key advantages over the Sharingan.

Boruto's Konohamaru using the Shinobi Gauntlet.

The most obvious strength of the Shinobi Gauntlet is the lack of a chakra requirement. Much like Naruto’smanyother eye techniques, the Sharingan already drains a great deal of chakra, a factor that only gets worse considering that the user also has to expend chakra to utilize any potential jutsu they might copy. In addition, the requirement to have seen a jutsu means that the Sharingan loses a great deal of functionality if the user is blinded in battle. With the Shinobi Gauntlet though, none of those things are an issue. Even the scroll requirement isn’t much of a hindrance. The scrolls are so small that storing a great deal of them should be no problem. Even if a wielder of the Shinobi Gauntlet did run out of them, then there’s not really a drawback beyond not being able to use the Gauntlet. While a Gauntlet wielder’s opponent tired themselves out unleashing powerful attacks, the wielder themselves would still have plenty of energy left over

Of course, all of this is just comparing the Gauntlet to the Sharingan’s base form. Overall, Boruto’s ninja tech would even make Iron Man jealous.AsNarutowent on, the Sharingan grew more and more abilities and variations. Still, whileNaruto’s Sharingan is iconic,Boruto’s Shinobi Gauntlet is giving it stiff competition in the power department.

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