Norwegian Red Cattle: Pictures, Facts, Uses, Origins & Characteristics

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Red Norwegian Cattle in the pasture

Norwegian red cattle are a breed of Angus cattle that were developed in Norway in the early 1900s. The Norwegian red is an easy-to-handle, hardy breed that is well suited to the cold climate of Norway. These cattle are known for their characteristic red coloring and smooth, dark skin and their beautiful coats make them stand out from other cattle.

Norwegian red cattle are a dual-purpose breedused for their meat and milkand are considered to be a very safe and reliable choice for farmers. They are a valuable commodity because they produce high-quality dairy and beef, have low maintenance needs, have excellent reproductive traits, and are resistant to many diseases including clinical mastitis and bovine tuberculosis.

Read on below to find out everything you need to know about this healthy and productive breed.

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Quick Facts about Norwegian Red Cattle

Breed Name: Norwegian Red Cattle
Place of Origin: Norway
Uses: Dairy and beef
Bull (Male) Weight: 2,900 lbs
Cow (Female) Weight: 1,300 lbs
Bull (Male) Size: 4 ft 8 in
Cow (Female) Size: 4 ft 5 in
Color: Red, white, or black coat
Lifespan: Farmed 46 years, natural 1520 years
Climate Tolerance: Tolerates hot and cold conditions
Care Level: Low
Production: High

Norwegian Red Cattle Breed Origins

The Norwegian Red Cattle breed was developed in 1935 through the crossing of several Scandinavian dairy breeds. These breeds included the Norwegian Red-and-White, the Red Trondheim, and the Red Polled Ostland as well as other native Norwegian dairy cattle. Norwegian Red breeding is controlled by a cooperative owned by Norwegian dairy farmers named Geno. Norwegian Red farmers actively contribute to the strategic development of the breeding program through this cooperative system.

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