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The Kilchers are well-known for their homesteading lifestyle. The life of the Kilcher family has been documented in the reality TV series Alaska: The Last Frontier, from Yule Kilcher’s historical contribution to the Alaska state constitution to the new generation of Kilcher homesteaders. The show has gained a lot of traction, and many fans are eagerly anticipating each new episode about the Kilchers’ exciting and weird life. But, do you know anything about the kilcher family tree?

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The Kilcher family lives in an Alaskan homestead far distanced from modern life. Many of us would be incapable of adopting the lifestyle that this family has chosen. They survive by harvesting and hunting in Alaska’s harsh winters, without even turning on the heat for long periods. Well, if you want to learn more about this family, keep reading and take a closer look at the Kilcher family tree in this article.

Yule Kilcher, who appears and seems to be the senior and leader of the Kilcher family in Alaska, was born in 1913 in Switzerland. ATZ and Otto Kilcher are two of his eight children with his wife Ruth. Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise are Yule and Ruth’s only sons, and they grew up with six sisters: Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise.

Yule Kilcher And Ruth Kilcher

Kilcher Family Tree

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Yule Kilcher left Switzerland in 1936, during World War II, to find a new home for himself and his family away from the European tensions. He decided to move into America where he discovered that he could get 600 acres for free. He announced his family right away, but only his friend Ruth, who later became his wife, chose to follow him. Yule Kilcher and Ruth Kilcher are the most senior members of the Kilcher family tree.

The couple had a total of eight children: two sons and six daughters namely, ATZ and Otto, two sons, and Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise, six daughters. They taught their children on the homestead, homeschooling them until they were in their early teenage years, then enrolling them in public school courses via correspondence because primary school was too far away.

Atz Kilcher

Atz Kilcher

Atz Kilcher was born in Homer, Alaska, on September 2, 1947, after his family relocated from Switzerland. He is the oldest of eight children (the oldest child of Yule in the Kilcher family tree) and has spent his whole life on the homestead.

He showed an early interest in music, and his mother Ruth encouraged him to learn to play the guitar. He married Lenedra Carroll and they had three children together:Jewel Kilcher, Shane, and Atz Lee. After their children were born, Atz and Leandra divorced, and Atz became an abusive father. He was married to Linda and had a son named Nikos Kilcher with her.

Atz Kilcher is currently married to a 67-year-old woman, Bonnie Dupree. She was born in New York on February 5, 1954. Bonnie and her first husband had two children together, but there is no information about their first marriage or how it ended. She met Atz after relocating to Homestead, Alaska, and the two have been married since then.

Atz Kilcher with Linda

He never had a child with either his third wife, Bonnie, except with his first wife, Leandra, who bore him 3 children namely,Jewel , Shane, and Atz Lee, and his second wife who bore him Nikos Kilcher.

Shane and Atz Lee, two of Atz Kilcher’s three children, carried on their father’s legacy and are now living on the homestead. Jewel, on the other hand, left the family and went on to become a Grammy-winning musician.

Shame Kilcher

Shane Kilcher, the eldest son of Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll, was born on May 5, 1971. He married Kelli Ware Kilcher, his high school sweetheart, and they have four children together: Keena Tarik, Jareth, Reid, and Jenna Kilcher.

Atz Lee Kilcher

Atz Lee Kilcher, Shane’s brother, left the homestead lifestyle when he was a teenager. Atz Lee returned home after touring the United States with his guitar and married Jane Kilcher. Etienne Kilcher and Piper Kilcher are the couple’s two children.

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher

Jewel Kilcher is a Singer and songwriter, musician, actress, and author who was born on May 23, 1974.

At the age of 15, Jewel enrolled in an art school in Michigan, learned to play the guitar, and began performing live in coffee shops. Her music career began in 1993, with her first solo performance in Homer, which was a huge success.
Pieces of You, Spirit, This Way, Perfectly Clear, Goodbye Alice in Wonderland, Lullaby, and the most recent Picking up the Pieces are among Jewel’s best albums.
She is also an actress who made her debut in the 1999 film Ride with the Devil, in which she played Sue Lee Shelley. She also enjoys writing poetry, and her first collection, A Night Without Armor, was published in 1998.

Nikos Kilcher

Nikos Kilcher, a 32-year-old young man from the Atz Kilcher and Linda Kulcha denomination, is another member of the Kilcher family.

Nikos does not appear on his family’s TV reality show very often, but he is very active on social media. He frequently shares photos of himself and his wife on social media. Because… Yes! He has a wife. Kate Kilcher is his wife, and they met in 2008. They married in September 2014, after being together for six years.

Nikos, like his sister Jewel and the rest of his family, was enthralled by the music. He has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself singing, whether it’s a cover song or a song he wrote himself. He is just starting as a singer, but he has every chance of following in his sister’s footsteps.

Otto Kilcher

Otto Kilcher Family Tree

Otto Kilcher, the sixth child of Yule Kilcher and Ruth Kilcher, was born into the Kilcher family. He is the younger son of the couple in the Kilcher family tree Otto was raised in a small log cabin and spent most of his childhood playing in the woods and canyons.

Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, and Sunrise are Otto’s six sisters. Atz Kilcher is Otto Kilcher’s elder brother.

Otto Kilcher is one of the main characters in “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” an American reality television show.

Otto has been married three times, the first to Olga von Zegasar (divorced), the second to Sharon McKemie (with whom he had two sons, but they divorced as well), and the third to Charlotte Irene Adamson, with whom he appears to live a happy and decent life. The two sons of Sharon Mckemie are Eivin and Levi Kilcher.

Eivin Kilcher

Eivin Kilcher is Otto Kilcher’s oldest son, born to Otto and Sharon Mackemie. He lives less than a half-mile from Otto’s house. Eivin, like his father, is a jack of all trades. Farenorth Kilcher (born November 24, 2013) and Sparrow Rose Kilcher are his two children from his marriage to Eve Matkins (Born on September 28, 2015).

Even Matkins, Eivens’ wife, is said to be a hard worker who spends ninety percent of her time in the garden tending to her vegetables, according to reports. Kilcher’s family admires her for being able to produce large quantities of herbs and vegetables in a short amount of time. As a result, she is an important member because she ensures the food supply for the entire winter. She grew up not far from the Kilcher homestead, so it wasn’t difficult for her and Eivin to meet and start a family.

Levi Kilcher

Eivin Kilcher has only one full brother, Levi Kilcher. He is a scientist and an explorer. He is now based in Boulder, Colorado, where he leads the water power team’s resources at NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). He specializes in turbulence in the ocean, tidal processes, and surface waves.

There is no information about his personal life, such as whether he is married or not.

August Kilcher

As we said earlier, otto married 3 times, August Kilcher is a product of the union of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher. He is the couple’s only child. He is a student at Oregon State University and currently resides in Oregon, but he returns to the homestead frequently. He made several appearances on Alaska the Last Frontier television show.

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