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Kamala Harris News: First Woman With Presidential Power in the US



Kamala Harris News

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Kamala Harris News: While Joe Biden got a routine health check, US Vice-President Kamala Harris became the first woman to be handed presidential powers – although for a short time.

Mr Biden was placed under anaesthetic for a regular colonoscopy on Friday, and Ms Harris, 57, was in charge for 85 minutes.

After the procedure, Mr Biden’s doctor issued a statement stating that he was healthy and capable of doing his duties.

Kamala Harris News

On the eve of the president’s 79th birthday, he underwent a medical examination.

Officials said Ms Harris performed her duties from her office in the White House’s West Wing.

kamala harris achievements

She is the first female vice president of the United States, as well as the first black and South Asian American.

kamala harris and joe biden

The interim transfer of responsibilities in such situations, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, is not unprecedented and is part of the procedure outlined in the US constitution.

“As was the situation in 2002 and 2007, when President George W Bush underwent the same treatment,” she added in a statement.


As he returned to the White House, the president was spotted smiling. “I’m in terrific shape,” he remarked.

“President Biden is a healthy, vibrant 78-year-old man who is fit to carry out the duties of the presidency,” said the president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor.

The president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, said the colonoscopy revealed a “benign-appear polyp” that was readily removed.

Kamala Harris News

Mr. O’Connor went on to say that the president’s stride was “perceptibly stiffer and less fluid” than it had been in the past. This was ascribed to spine wear and strain.


Mr. Biden, the oldest US president, got his most recent complete medical examination in December of this year.

His doctor issued a medical report at the time, stating that he was “healthy, robust, and fit to satisfactorily fulfill the duties of the president.”

Kamala Harris Age

Kamala Harris/Age
57 years
20 October 1964

kamala harris children

After being sworn in as Vice President, Kamala Harris breaks multiple barriers and represents a number of firsts. She is the first African-American and Asian-American woman to serve in the White House. Americans will witness a more wider depiction of an extended family as her loved ones are on show, and she isn’t the only one. Although Harris and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, had a well-known love story, Harris did not have children before they married. She took on the role of stepmother to his children. And she is far from the conventional stepmother. Get to know the kids who refer to our new Vice President as “Momala.”

Kamala Harris News

Kamala Harris News

Kamala Harris has how many stepchildren?

Ella Emhoff, 21, and Cole Emhoff, 26, are Emhoff’s adult children, and Harris is a proud “Momala” to them. They are named after John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald, two musical luminaries. Harris was a divorced child herself, and she said in an Elle column that her personal experience prompted her and Emhoff take extra caution when it came to introducing her to the kids. “Children want stability; I didn’t want to disappoint them by inserting myself into their life as a transitory fixture.” “Deceiving a kid is the worst thing you can do,” she wrote. She remarked, “Cole and Ella couldn’t have been more friendly.”




When Cole and Ella met “momala,” they were both teenagers in middle school

When their father and Harris, then the Attorney General, began dating, Cole was a senior in high school and Ella was in middle school. “It seemed serious when [Doug] was simply talking about her, because I could hear it in his voice,” Ella stated in Harper’s Bazaar. When we finally met, everything seemed so natural that it didn’t even feel like a huge deal. We seemed to have known each other for a long time. And I believe that getting to know her as a person first—a person before a politician—was crucial.”


What is the origin of the name “Momala”?

The youngsters, according to Harris, came up with the name. “A few years later, when Doug and I were married, Cole, Ella, and I decided that we didn’t like the term’stepmom,’” she stated in her Elle column. They came up with the name “Momala” instead. In a video for the DNC, Ella even cited the moniker when introducing Harris. “You’ll always be Momala, the world’s finest stepmom, to my brother and me,” she added.



Kamala Harris Children have a sweet name for their father as well

Cole and Ella refer to their father by his first name rather than “dad” in an interview with The New York Times. “At home, we usually refer to Doug as ‘Doug.’” It’s a word of affection for me. Doug and dad are both one-syllable words that sound similar enough to be mistaken for a nickname. “I just can’t stop now,” Cole stated.

What do Cole and Ella do for a living?

Cole, a Colorado College graduate, works as an executive assistant for Plan B Entertainment, while Ella is completing a bachelor of fine arts in Apparel and Textiles at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Cole and Ella are still getting used to seeing their parents in front of the camera

Cole tells The New York Times that watching his father on television is still weird. “It’s strange to watch my father on CNN.” ‘Wait, you don’t belong there!’ I say. ‘However, I assume you do?’ We haven’t actually been around politics our entire lives, so it feels utterly foreign to us. “We’re still getting used to it,” says the narrator. “Seeing them now is a lot different,” Ella added. There are a lot more people this time. I believe it’s a little insane to share our parents with the rest of the world.”

Doug Emhoff’s ex-wife and Kamala Harris are pals

Kamala Harris News

Kamala Harris News

Kerstin Emhoff, Emhoff’s ex-wife, and Harris became friends and are now close. “To Ella’s humiliation, she and I became a cheerleading pair in the bleachers during Ella’s swim meets and basketball games.” “It’s a running joke in our house that our contemporary family is almost too functional,” she remarked.
They are indeed a joyful mixed family who is creating history.

Ella agrees that their family dynamic may show others that this is a circumstance that can be overcome. “We all have a cool dynamic.” And I believe it is an excellent model for demonstrating that you can have this and it isn’t strange. It’s not strange to be friends with or have a nice connection with your ex, for example. It’s actually quite good for you.”


Kamala Harris Husband

Douglas Emhoff

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