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I’m just a little boy, but daddy you teach me how to be a man

I’m just a little boy, but daddy you teach me how to be a man #boy #daddy #teach #man Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

I’m only a toddler, still too young to tie my shoes or make my own breakfast. My days are filled with playtime, snacks, lots of hugs from Mommy and lots of tickles from you Dad.

Right now, my life revolves around me and you and my mom. I don’t know much about the world outside our house yet. I didn’t learn about responsibility, or self-discipline, or sacrifice. I haven’t found my place in the world yet.

But I think I am very fortunate because even though you may not know it, you have already begun to teach me everything I need to know to be a good man in today’s world.

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Look, I’m watching you dad and I’m learning a lot.

I watch you hold the door for your mom and treat her like she’s really special. (I think it’s pretty special too.) I see that you make time for your parents, siblings, and friends no matter what’s going on in your life. I see you go to work every day, and your mom says you work hard to take good care of us.

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And even though you have a job that you love, I can tell you that you love me and my mom even more. You make time every day to wrestle with me, take me for walks, and shower me at night. I hear you talking about trusting that God has a good plan for our family. I hear you pray before meals, and you tell me that Jesus loves me.

You cheer up really loudly for your sports teams, you make a lot of silly faces and sounds, you do a lot of fun things with me like build forts and take me out for ice cream.

You like to have fun, and so do I!

You teach me how to be kind and gentle, how to be patient, how to be strong and tough, how to be honest, and how to take good care of the things I love, especially the people I love.

You might think I’m just a little kid who doesn’t see the toys in front of me, but I see it all, Dad. I see how you treat the people around you. I watch how you act when things don’t go the way you want them to. I hear the kinds of words you say.

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Even when you don’t know it, I learn a lot from you. And I love your copy! Because you are my role model, Dad.

And I think I am very fortunate to have learned how to become a man from a good man like you.

Jessica Swanda

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