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‘I’m a human being..’: Finnish PM hit back at reporter on her leaked party video question

‘I’m a human being..’: Finnish PM hit back at reporter on her leaked party video question #human #being. #Finnish #hit #reporter #leaked #party #video #question. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

37-year-old Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, on Friday, lashed out  at a TV host during a discussion of videos of her dancing saying that she is a “young person” who wants to “act her age.” Marin lost her cool as an Australian reporter Sarah Ferguson questioned her leaked party video from August and asked her to comment on the controversy that was sparked over her party photos and footage.

‘I’m a human being..’

In a heated exchange that followed, the Finnish leader hit back, saying at the press conference, “actually, there wasn’t that. It was more journalists and the media that made this spectacle or frenzy.”  She further noted that she is a “human being,” and added that the people were very supportive. “They would stop me in the streets and say that we are supporting you, keep on dancing. It was maybe only a spectacle because it was interesting from the media perspective,” Marin said. 

“I want to act like my age. I meet my friends, I go dancing, I go out if I have free time, even though I don’t have that much free time,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin asserted, as she responded to the reporter. 

World’s youngest woman Prime Minister Marin had found herself in the cesspool of controversy earning cognomens “Party PM” and “Party Sanna” after a video of her partying with several Finnish personalities, including MP Ilmari Nurminen and media anchor Tinni Wikström went viral on social media. Marin, appearing to be under the influence of intoxicants, was seen with six people dancing and mimicking a song in front of a camera at a party.

Finnish PM, in the leaked footage that caused an uproar, was seen on her knees on what seems to be the dance floor with her arms behind her head dancing and mimicking a song. Amid backlash over her ‘enjoyment’, she had later said at a briefing that she was upset that her private time out was made public and that the video of her personal gathering was leaked. “I have danced, sung, celebrated, done legal things,” she said.

Finnish MP Mikko Kärnä, from Marin’s coalition partner Centre Party, demanded that the prime minister takes a drug test and releases the results publicly. He slammed her behaviour saying that it comes at a crucial time of heightened regional tensions as Russia invaded neighbouring Ukraine. “The people are also allowed to expect this from their prime minister,” he tweeted. Marin, meanwhile, clarified that she had not taken drugs in any form as opposed to the speculations and had agreed to take a drug test that turned around negative. The allegations came as people, in Marin’s leaked video, were heard in the background shouting about cocaine, according to Finnish media.

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