How to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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How to evolve Sliggoo into Goodra in Pokemon Scarlet

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The evolutionary trio of Goomy, Sliggoo, and Goodra return in the latest installment in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet monster-catching franchise. The evolution line is a bit rough as they are all covered in a film of slime, but they are known to be very strong dragon types. Once you have a Goomy, evolving it into a Sliggoo is easy since all you have to do is get it to level 40. If you already have a Sliggoo and want to evolve it into a Goodra, then you need to level them up to level 50. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing you need to do if you want to add Goodra to your Pokédex.

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How to get Goodra in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

When upgrading your Sliggoo from 49 to 50, you need to make sure the weather conditions are just right. It must be raining around you if you’re expecting a Goodra. Players have no control over when it rains, so this particular step is usually the most difficult. In our experience, the weather changes pretty drastically, so coupled with the uncertainty of how many Pokemon you’ll encounter or if you’re just leveling up in the rain, it’s best to just use a Rare Candy.

If you encounter Rain and have a level 49 Sliggoo, applying a Rare Candy will instantly add that extra level. Since the circumstances are right, a cutscene then appears in which Goodra is added to your party. It’s important to make sure your Goomy has the texture you want from the start, as you can’t change this as you progress through the evolution process.

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