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How Do Free VPN Providers Make Money?

How Do Free VPN Providers Make Money? #Free #VPN #Providers #Money. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

How Do Free VPN Providers Make Money? – TMz.NG
– #Free #VPN #Providers #Money #TMz.NG

TMz.NGIf you don’t pay for the product, you are the product, right? Then how do free VPN providers make money?

Since most of the biggest VPN providers out there cost money, many people are attracted to free VPN services.

However, if these free providers charge no subscription fees, how exactly do they make money? Here are some of the ways VPN providers generate revenue and how that affects their users.

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1. Advertising

As is the case with other free services such as YouTube or Twitch, free VPN providers can generate profits through advertisements. These can appear at any time and can be a little annoying when you try to use a web browser.

Plus, they often can’t be closed, which means you may have to waste time watching full ads when you could be doing other things. This can disrupt your online experience.

3. Cookies And Tracking Pixels

Ad inconvenience isn’t the only problem with free VPN providers. Cookies and tracking pixels may also be used to monitor your browsing activity so that companies can market to you more effectively.

You may have heard the word “cookie” used when accessing a website. This is a small data file that is used to remember your browsing behavior. On the other hand, a tracking pixel is a 1-1 pixel graphic hidden from view which can also track your online activity.

Both of these marketing tactics should be useless while the VPN is active, as your browsing activity should be completely private to you. So, if a VPN uses tracking pixels and cookies, your data can be seen and used by the VPN provider and those third parties.

3. Freemium Model

You may have heard the term “freemium” before, especially when using apps. Freemium apps or services offer free versions to users, but their capabilities and features are limited. So, upgrade to paid version is always available.

These freemium apps are sometimes so restrictive that users have no choice but to upgrade if they want to access the best features. This can happen with free VPN providers.

While you may never upgrade your free VPN account to a premium version, your provider may profit handsomely from users switching to paid accounts.

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