Heather Gay’s Black Eye on ‘RHOSLC’: What Happened?

Heather Gay’s Black Eye on ‘RHOSLC’: What Happened? #Heather #Gays #Black #Eye #RHOSLC #Happened. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

Heather Gay from'RHOSLC'

Source: Bravo

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Heather and Whitney are still knee-deep in their feud on the show. So when Heather removes sunglasses to reveal her bruised eye in an episode, some fans assume that it has to do with the issues between the two women.

Things haven’t been the same between the cousins after the cast’s Arizona trip, during which Whitney claimed Heather knew about a rumor involving Lisa Barlow using sexual favors to get basketball tickets.

Heather Gay in'RHOSLC'

Source: Bravo

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Heather denied she knew anything about the rumor, but the argument drove a wedge between Whitney and Heather. Still, it’s hard to believe that Whitney would go as far as to physically assault her co-star and cousin.

How did Heather Gay get a black eye on ‘RHOSLC’?

The mid-season trailer for RHOSLC Season 3 showed Heather dealing with an attempted home invasion, so some fans have speculated on Twitter that her black eye has to do with that. Others assumed the worst and felt that maybe Whitney had something to do with it.

When she shows Meredith Marks her eye, Heather’s co-star is shook. Fans were left speculating about what happened. And now, we have some answers — sort of.

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In the Dec. 21 episode of RHOSLC, Heather finally shed some light on what happened to her eye. And, it appears, none of her co-stars are to blame for what happened. At the end of the episode, when producers ask Heather who she was trying to protect by not coming forward with what happened, she responded with, “Myself.”

OK, so maybe we still don’t have a real answer. But this seems to imply that no one actually attacked Heather.

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One thing that’s for sure is that no one from the show has revealed exactly what the heck is going on. Of course that just leaves RHOSLC fans to their wild speculation and concern.

Again, it’s almost unfathomable to think Whitney would resort to violence or that Heather would be the victim of an assault from a home invasion and that it wouldn’t have been leaked to the public prior to the season airing. So for now, the speculation is still very real.

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One fan tweeted that they think Heather’s face got scratched and she got a black eye from the branches by her front door and an accidental fall. Other fans just want to know what happened and when they’ll get answers. And we have a feeling the very simple answer will involve an accident and not an attack from one of Heather’s co-stars.

And to be fair, Whitney did respond, “No! Of course not” on Twitter when one fan asked if she gave Heather the black eye. If we’re being honest here, the most logical explanation is that Heather fell down stairs or otherwise injured herself while under the influence of alcohol. But this is Bravo and of course we just have to drag out the RHOSLC mystery as long as possible.

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and something tells me that Heather’s black eye won’t even be remotely as serious as it seems now when it airs #RHOSLC

— Jack (@JackDaddyyOnIG) August 31, 2022

Will ‘RHOSLC’ fans finally find out what happened with Heather Gay’s eye in the Season 3 reunion?

The big question now is: Will RHOSLC finally learn in the Season 3 reunion how Heather got that black eye? Part 1 of the reunion airs on Jan. 25, and it looks like the subject is again addressed.

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“I woke up in my pajamas and a horrible black eye, and it was terrifying,” she told Andy Cohen in a teaser trailer.

“You looked like you were assaulted,” Andy said, to which Heather said, “I know.”

To that, Andy asked, “Do you think Jen punched you in the eye?”

Of course, we won’t know the answer to that question until after we tune into Part 1 (and potentially Part 2).

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Stars of ‘The Real Housewives’ have gotten lots of mysterious injuries over the years.

Heather isn’t the first Real Housewives star to show up on our screens with an injury that concerns fans, and she certainly won’t be the last. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora fell and hurt herself during a cast trip to Jamaica. And Sutton Stracke from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills suffered an ankle injury during filming in Season 11.

Is it possible that Heather’s black eye in RHOSLC is the result of yet another doomed girls’ trip with her co-stars? Right now, that’s another possibility for what happened to her.

Let’s just hope that, regardless of what happened, Heather can heal quickly and maybe even start to mend some of her fractured relationships with her co-stars.

You can catch The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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