From Elon Musk to Drake, Celebrity Nightstand Photos Are Causing a Stir

From Elon Musk to Drake, Celebrity Nightstand Photos Are Causing a Stir #Elon #Musk #Drake #Celebrity #Nightstand #Photos #Causing #Stir. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

Can a nightstand be a window into the soul? Twitter and


chief executive

Elon Musk

stoked plenty of armchair analysis in that vein on Monday, when he tweeted a picture of his bedside table’s contents. 

Why, some wondered on Twitter, did Mr. Musk have four open cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke next to his pillow? What was up with the image of George Washington crossing the Delaware River? Were either of the two guns he had on display real? (Observers said they looked like non-firing replicas—one of Washington’s own, the other from the videogame “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”—though Mr. Musk has not corroborated their observations.) The internet was quick to quip about the chaotic display and the “divorced energy” the items evoked. 

“The positioning of certain items to get attention is a common thing,” said Claude Taylor, co-creator of the Room Rater Twitter account, where he evaluates the Zoom backgrounds of TV news guests on a 10-point scale. “Who drinks caffeine-free Coke? I mean, what’s the point?” Mr. Musk could not be reached for comment.

Status bookshelves became a fan obsession during the pandemic, as public figures made TV appearances from their homes. Now, bedside tables are emerging as a sign of credibility and authenticity. Fans are poring over the book stacks, sleep sprays and lip balms for insight into the tastes and psyches of some of the world’s most famous people.

Earlier this year, Drake posted an Instagram story in which his Nike x Nocta Hot Step Air Terra sat atop a bedside stack of thinking man’s books including “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and “The Promise” by Damon Galgut. GQ published a primer to the novels afterward, and LitHub called Drake’s taste in books “very good.” 

It turned out that neither the nightstand nor its contents were Drake’s at all. The rapper, who declined to comment through a representative, had reposted a picture from Euan Smart, a magazine editor in London, who keeps a separate Instagram account for his reading, @hardback_hypebeast

From Elon Musk to Drake Celebrity Nightstand Photos Are Causing

When Drake posted a stack of thinking man’s books topped by a sneaker on Instagram, fans assumed it was his to-be-read pile. It wasn’t.


Courtesy of Euan Smart

“Some of the comments were hilarious, like ‘Drake obviously has a hot-girl personal shopper getting all these U.K. ARCs,’” said Mr. Smart of the advance reader copies in the photo. “It’s me. I’m hot-girl personal shopper!” He said he was happy to give some of the authors exposure to the singer’s 125 million Instagram followers.

Mr. Taylor and his Room Rater co-founder Jessie Bahrey, who also is his girlfriend, generally evaluate bookshelves and living rooms and rarely encounter bedside tables. Still, Mr. Taylor offered up a rating for Mr. Musk’s nightstand assemblage. 

“We don’t do negative, so it would be a zero out of 10,” he said. 

What explains the fascination with these bedside setups? “It’s so intimate to be in someone’s bedroom and looking at their nightstand,” said Jake Arnold, an interior designer whose clients include Zendaya, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Katy Perry. “It’s like going to someone’s party and sneaking in their medicine cabinet. Everyone wants to know what are the secrets to health and wellness and beauty routines.” 

Indeed, last year Sarah Jessica Parker posted a video of her bedside table, covered in orange Post-it Notes handwritten with, “Rabbit rabbit,” a superstitious phrase that’s said to generate good luck on the first day of the month. 

Multiple outlets rushed to identify the products on it, which included Jurlique rose hand cream, ThisWorks deep-sleep pillow spray and a bottle of Square Trade Goods Co. room spray in the company’s Big Sur scent. Also on the nightstand were a digital alarm clock and what appeared to be a speaker. Ms. Parker could not be reached for comment.

On her website Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow said that she keeps a flashlight beside her bed in case of a power outage or an earthquake. A representative for Ms. Paltrow said the actor and entrepreneur’s other nightstand items include lip balm, a pair of Caddis glasses and a Goop candle.

Holly Waterfield, principal interior designer of The Brooklyn Home Company, said that the nightstand-sharing could be seen as a playful attempt at seeming relatable. 

“It’s probably a ‘see, I’m just like you’ kind of thing,” she said.

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