Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video: An Invasion of Privacy Is Not A Laughing Matter: A Brief History Of The Erin Andrews Peephole Scandal It’s about time we revisited the iconic Erin Andrews nude video incident and looked at it through the prism of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that are still going strong today. The…

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video: An Invasion of Privacy Is Not A Laughing Matter: A Brief History Of The Erin Andrews Peephole Scandal

It’s about time we revisited the iconic Erin Andrews nude video incident and looked at it through the prism of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that are still going strong today. The enormous story that surrounded the Fox sports reporter has been a wild roller coaster ride filled with nude pictures being posted on the internet, lawsuits, public conversations, many explanations, and millions of dollars in damages.

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Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

The incident with Erin Andrews and her peephole, which continues to be one of the most talked-about subjects whenever the matter of invasion of privacy is brought up, is extremely similar to the story involving Harvey Weinstein and his sexual misconduct. Not only did the recent flood of charges of sexual harassment and assault, which have been making headlines around the country since October 2017, demonstrate the presence of sexual misbehavior and improper behavior, but it also underlined how severe and neglected these issues had become.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

In the same way that the problem of sexual harassment has been one of the most disregarded problems in America for decades, the problem of visual abuse and invasion of privacy has been one of the most ignored topics. Leaks of celebrity sex tapes and naked photos have become commonplace in the environment in which we now live. And yet, it is only when it occurs to us — when we become the victims — that we understand exactly how traumatic an invasion of privacy truly is, regardless of whether or not the person being invaded is famous.


LikFlix walks you through the events that led up to the Erin Andrews affair to give you a better picture of how much harm an invasion of privacy can cause. Once a naked film is posted online, it will remain accessible indefinitely.
Invasion of privacy is a serious matter, as shown by the #MeToo movement.

When it comes to invasions of privacy in the modern age of the Internet, the worst part is that once your naked photos, nude movies, or sex recordings leak online, they gain an immortal lifetime and become impossible to delete. Naked images on the internet are like a contagious disease that may spread no matter what you do, as many of the victims of “The Fappening” (also known as “Celebgate”), the notorious iCloud leak of nude pics that featured Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kaley Cuoco, may already be aware.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

More attention is paid to the public if there is a lawsuit. The public’s curiosity is piqued when a controversy occurs. Because of this, an increasing number of individuals are looking for X-rated films or naked pictures of celebrities. The attorneys keep attempting to have those private pictures and videos removed off websites, but users keep uploading them again and again. This is due to the fact that as long as at least one person has it stored on their computer, these pictures and videos will continue to be shared indefinitely.

Andrews was forced to discover the truth the hard way. Andrews did not record herself nude with the intention of using the video as a “get famous” act, in contrast to Kim Kardashian, who many people feel used the notorious sex tape controversy as a springboard to soar to notoriety. After she was unexpectedly caught nude in a hotel room, the sports reporter found herself to be one of the most sought celebrities on Google (and Pornhub).


In a nutshell, how did anything like this take place?

When Erin Andrews was covering a football game for Vanderbilt in September 2008, she was staying at a Marriott hotel in Nashville, which is where the peephole story began.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

Michael David Barrett, the person who was stalking her, installed a makeshift peephole in the door of her hotel room and videotaped her absolutely naked while looking through it for about five minutes. During the course of a lengthy trial, the stalker revealed that the only reason he chose the Fox Sports reporter and co-host of Dancing With the Stars was because he saw her name trending on Yahoo at the time. She was also one of the judges on the show.

When someone becomes famous enough to be trending on Yahoo, Google, or Twitter, they run the risk of having their privacy invaded. This risk is there for everyone. Peephole video stills are still available for viewing on a variety of websites throughout the internet, despite the fact that Andrews was ultimately successful in the legal battle and was given $55 million as a result of the widely publicized civil trial.

Even if Andrews may have prevailed in this particular skirmish on the Internet, it is impossible for anybody to claim victory in the larger conflict.


Erin Andrews naked video in watch numbers

It was estimated that over 17 million people had seen the peephole video by the time Andrews’ legal struggle against the stalker and the Marriott hotel reached its zenith in 2016. This was the year when the popularity of the peephole video reached its pinnacle after the court battle.

In addition, there had been over 300 million searches for the video of Eric Andrews looking through the peephole, and it was estimated that over 1.5 people were viewing the video each and every minute.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape began making wave again in 2022, and LikFLix is providing you the whole facts about this video and the history of the film. Since the civil trial was concluded in 2016, the popularity of the video has gone from boom to blah. When there is a video or picture of you in your undies that is already available on the internet, it is safe to assume that it will be rediscoverable and shared widely once you make headlines. In its most basic form, it is a viscous cycle.

On the other hand, the notorious peephole video is still hosted on a few pornographic websites.


Who precisely is this Erin Andrews?

Since Andrews’ career took off following the release of the notorious nude film, quite a few people are under the impression that the sports reporter was the one who was responsible for making the tape and leaking it to the media in order to become famous (and to collect an enormous amount of money in damages).


Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video
NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 10: Erin Andrews attends the Build Presents Discussing “Orange Theory” at AOL HQ on January 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)


It goes without saying that since the peephole video was posted on the internet, Andrews’ career has skyrocketed to new heights. Andrews had been working as an in-game reporter for ESPN’s National Hockey League telecasts every season since 2004, prior to the incident with the naked video.

After the video began to circulate on the Internet for more than a year, Andrews made an appearance on Dancing With the Stars, where he was paired with the champion of Latin and ballroom dance Maksim Chmerkovskiy. 2010 saw the pair finish in third place overall.

The reporter left ESPN in 2012 and began working for Fox Sports the following year. At Fox Sports, she covered several sporting events like baseball, football, and NASCAR in her role as a sideline reporter. Andrews achieved a new level of success in her career in 2014 when she was promoted to the position of lead sideline reporter for Fox during the network’s coverage of the NFL. During the same year, Andrews was also invited to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars as a co-host.


Who  is the shady individual who followed Erin Andrews around and videotaped her?

Barrett was a high-ranking executive for an insurance business located in Chicago, but he was let go once the controversy became public knowledge. When the stalker apparently rented the hotel room next to Andrews at the Marriott hotel in September 2008, he was supposedly traveling across the United States.

Barrett, who was 47 years old and a parent at the time, cut a peephole in Andrews’ hotel room by using a hacksaw. The room was located in an alcove off of a main corridor. Andrews was seen by her stalker on film for close to five minutes when she was alone in her room and absolutely undressed.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

After that, Barrett approached websites that deal in rumors in an attempt to sell the peephole recording. After his effort to make a profit off of the exclusive film was unsuccessful, he uploaded the tape to the internet. People at first didn’t think it was Erin Andrews in the video, but word quickly circulated about the existence of the film showcasing Erin Andrews in her naked state. The rumor spread like wildfire.

In 2009, Andrews came saw the tape, which caused him to experience a great deal of emotional distress. Andrews didn’t waste any time and headed directly to the Nashville police department to file a complaint about the event. Within a few months, the police were able to identify and apprehend the stalker. Barrett was arrested and charged with interstate stalking in December 2009 for videotaping Andrews, uploading the material to the internet, and attempting to sell it to websites. The events that led to these events occurred in December 2009.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

The father, who had previously been divorced, entered a guilty plea to the charge of interstate stalking and was therefore sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison. In addition to that, he was on the sex offender registry. In addition, Barrett entered a guilty plea to following and harassing the reporter at three other hotels.


When Andrews’ stalker was finally freed from federal prison in 2012, after completing 30 months of his sentence, he promptly filed for bankruptcy with debts totaling over $160,000.
Erin Andrews’s case against her stalker will be heard in a civil court.


Andrews initiated a legal action for $75 million in October 2015 against both Barrett and the Marriott hotel, naming both as defendants.


Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

The beginning of the civil trial took place on February 23, 2016. The lawsuit filed by the reporter said that the owner of the hotel as well as the management business were negligent. Barrett was never present in court throughout the proceedings.

Andrews claimed that the hotel and its staff were negligent when they told Andrews’ stalker that she was staying at that hotel, gave him her room number, and allowed him to be placed in the room next to hers. She also claimed that the peephole video would never have been recorded if the hotel and its staff had not revealed that Andrews was staying at that hotel. The jury agreed with the position made by the reporter.

The lawyers representing the Marriott hotel battled tooth and claw to absolve their client of any blame for the occurrence. The attorneys representing the hotel said that Barrett was entirely responsible for the naked video that included Andrews. In its defense, the hotel also pointed out that the fact that Andrews’ career improved following the disclosure of the peephole tape demonstrated that the reporter did not suffer any long-term harm or hardship as a result of the incident. The hotel’s argument did not have a significant impact on the outcome of the case; as a result, Andrews was only awarded $55 million rather than $75 million.

During the course of the trial, Andrews was unable to contain her emotions and could not stop crying as she described the catastrophic effects the peephole film had on her. The reporter, who testified under oath with tears streaming down her face, said that Barrett’s incarceration did not alleviate the anguish in any way.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

During the course of the trial, Andrews testified that she had been embarrassed and degraded, and that she continued to suffer as a result of people continuously viewing the naked film. During the course of the trial, Andrews was had to leave the courtroom with tears in her eyes at one time because the panel of jurors had just finished seeing the famed peephole film.

During the course of the civil litigation, Barrett made the assertion that he was the only one to blame for the event in a filmed deposition. The person who stalked Andrews said that he had properly estimated that Andrews would be staying at that hotel in order to attend a football game in Nashville, which was played at a nearby high school. The stalker then claimed that he had gotten Andrews’ room number by using the phone of a hotel employee and that he had booked a room adjacent to hers using that information.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

However, attorneys for Andrews argued that Barrett was trying to take full responsibility because he didn’t want the reporter to collect additional millions of dollars in damages that would be assigned to the Marriott hotel. They argued that Barrett didn’t want the reporter to collect these damages because he didn’t want to take full responsibility.

As a consequence of this, the jury decided that Barrett was accountable for 51 percent of the $55 million in total damages, while the hotel was determined to be responsible for 49 percent of the losses (respectively $28 million and $27 million).

Andrews shared the most difficult aspect of seeing the famed peephole tape more than a year after he won the widely publicized case that was brought against him. During an NBC talk program, Andrews remembered witnessing the disturbing footage as Megyn Kelly was questioning him about it.

Andrews said to Kelly that in one of the recordings they had to view, the subject can be heard breathing in the background. “In addition to that, you can hear other people walking behind him, which is equally revolting.”


What kind of feedback do people who watch the movie online give?

The video taken via a peephole starring Erin Andrews received a variety of responses from viewers. A number of people who use the internet have shown their compassion and have refused to even look at the stills that show Andrews nude. Others, on the other hand, did not pass up the chance to sneak a glimpse at the embarrassing footage.

Erin Andrews Sex Tape Video

Others voiced their dissatisfaction with the clip, stating that they had anticipated more from it and were left feeling let down as a result. Some people criticized the stalker since the video was unclear and of poor quality (after all, it was 2008, a time when an iPhone wasn’t as common as it is now). Other people who obtained a copy of the peephole film voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that Andrews did not engage in any sexual activity in the clip.


Harassment of a sexual nature that occurs online may be just as harmful as harassment that occurs in person

In this day and age of the internet, sexual harassment in the form of coercive sexting, unwelcome sexual approaches, online stalking, slut-shaming, revenge porn, and even more extreme forms have become commonplace. Regrettably, there hasn’t been a lot of study done on the subject. Pew Research conducted a poll in 2017 and found that 21 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 29 have reported experiencing sexual harassment online. In addition to this, 53% of the women who responded and were in the same age bracket as the males indicated that men had sent them graphic photographs without their consent.

Erin Andrews

On the other hand, the fact that almost all women experience some sort of sexual harassment online suggests that the findings of this poll may not be representative of the true scope of the issue. Digital harassment has become into an accepted part of our everyday lives, and it does not matter whatever social media site you use — Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook — it can happen to anybody. However, things shouldn’t be like this at all. Obviously, the #MeToo campaign need to include addressing sexual harassment that occurs online as well.


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