‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Finally Gets a LEGO Set

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Finally Gets a LEGO Set #Dungeons #Dragons #Finally #LEGO #Set. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

Dungeons & Dragons LEGO sets seems like such a natural mashup. So it is amazing that these brands haven’t teamed up before now. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of D&D coming up in 2024, the teams at LEGO Ideas and Wizards of the Coast kicked off a contest to find the best fan-built crossover. Hundreds of entries have been narrowed down only five. And now, you can vote for your favorite through December 12, 2022! And then look forward to buying the set in stores next year.

The red cover of Dungeons u0026 Dragons book made of LEGO

MarcyRaven/LEGO Ideas

A twenty-sided die with a red dragon on top made of LEGO

zed0/LEGO Ideas

Xanathar, a desk, and a bookshelf made of LEGO

Shaddowtoa/LEGO Ideas

A castle and buildings with a green dragon made of LEGO

BoltBuilds/LEGO Ideas

A treasure chest with eyes and teeth made of LEGO

farmfarm/LEGO Ideas

A treasure chest made of LEGO

farmfarm/LEGO Ideas

Dungeons u0026 Dragons monsters sitting on an open book made of LEGO

KolonelPureCake/LEGO Ideas

A tower with a red dragon made of LEGO

tcompton1234/LEGO Ideas

Rounding out the final five options are plenty of monsters, including the dreaded Gelatinous Cube. You can even use the separate builds within the Monster Manual set in your D&D games. Or build a treasure chest with a series of ingenious hinges that transform it into a toothy Mimic. Most of the sets are more than just display pieces. For example, you can use the five-headed dragon Tiamat’s tower to roll your dice. The bookshelf in the Xanathar set is also a dice tower.

Even though the judges have already narrowed it down, go ahead and check out all 381 entries on the LEGO Ideas site and lament what could have been. Or roll dexterity and try to build your favorite ones using just the pictures. A three-dimensional version of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons red box and a d20 that folds out into a playable battle map (both pictured above) are among the amazing options that didn’t make the final five.

Two LEGO Idea builds for a Dungeons & Dragons set

BoltBuilds/Shaddowtoa/LEGO Ideas

Other fun D&D mashups to check out include a version of Monopoly and some gorgeous character jewelry. Roll a critical success and check out our holiday gift guide for the tabletop gamer in your life for even more ideas.

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