Do Hedgehogs and Dogs Get Along? What You Need To Know!

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Do Hedgehogs and Dogs Get Along? What You Need To Know! #Hedgehogs #Dogs Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:


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hedgehog bites a person's finger

Hedgehogs and dogs: These are two different species that seem quite opposite to each other. One is soft and the other is spiny; one is tiny and the other is large (usually); one sleeps all night and the other sleeps all day. So, is it at all possible for a dog and hedgehog to get along?

There isnt a solid answer here, as it depends on the dog and how well both species have been socialized. But it is technically possible.

Here, we discuss methods that you can use to introduce your animals to each other and a few tips on keeping both your pets safe.

divider-hedgehogHedgehog Temperament and Behavior

The African Pygmy hedgehog is the most common and popular domesticated breed. Its also known as the four-toed hedgehog and is typically between 6 and 8 inches long. These are solitary and quiet animals that dont generally seek out people or other pets for companionship.

They are nocturnal animals and are more active at night, so they might be up and ready for action at dinnertime and ready for bed when youre getting up in the morning. They dont tend to bite because they are covered in quills, which is their best defense.

Temperament depends on the individual hedgie. Just like people, some will be friendly and social, and others might be a little on the grumpy side. They are curious and intelligent animals and will enjoy zipping around your place. Its thought that the females might be more social than the males.

a hedgehog on a blanket
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Dog Temperament and Behavior

Its tougher to pinpoint a dogs behavior and temperament because there are so many breeds and variables for each individual dog.

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If your dog is social and friendly and tends to make friends quite easily with everyone and everything, chances are that making friends with a hedgehog wont be much of a problem. Regardless of how sweet your dog is, though, introductions should still be slow and careful.

It can also work if your dog has a more easygoing and laidback temperament and might not really care about the hedgehog.

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