Cocaine and hallucinogenic mushroom traffickers use these emoticons on TikTok

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Cocaine and hallucinogenic mushroom traffickers use these emoticons on TikTok #Cocaine #hallucinogenic #mushroom #traffickers #emoticons #TikTok Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:


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The TikTok application would be used by some traffickers to sell drugs and not to be reported by the platform, they do so through emoticons such as snowflake or nose.This is how the TikTok algorithm works: an internal document is filtered with the greatest secret of the platform.

Drug traffickers use TikTok to sell the merchandise.Drug traffickers use TikTok to sell the merchandise.

Although the application prohibits the search for cocaine or any other -related term, a Business Insider investigation has found some accounts dedicated to its sale that use nose or snowflake emojis to promote the merchandise.

These accounts are quite easy to find on the platform and are mostly British users. Thanks to the use of these emoticons, there is no direct reference to the end of cocaine and, therefore, TikTok does not report the content.

In some of these videos you can see such as the symbol of snow, something that makes a lot of sense, since the term ‘Snow’ in English is a type of jargon used to refer to cocaine.

Traffickers use emoticons to prevent TikTok from catching them.Traffickers use emoticons to prevent TikTok from catching them.

Although TikTok did not restrict them at first, as soon as Bussiness Insider filed a complaint against these accounts, TikTok eliminated these users in just one day. Unfortunately, the next day, they reappeared with another username.

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The spokesperson of the platform has explained that “the security and well-being of their community is an absolute priority” and that they are “taking action against accounts that violate community guidelines.”

In addition, he added that with this type of measure they make clear his position of “not allowing the representation, promotion or trade of drugs and other controlled substances” and that in this sense, TikTok will continue to “invest on a large scale in providing confidence and security.”

Some experts in drug trafficking through social networks have explained that “it is not enough to block the content,” said UCSD associate professor Tim Mackey, who runs a machine learning company that analyzes networks in search of this type of criminal activity.

Mackey’s company has an alliance with that monitors drug trafficking and ensures that “you have to be proactive when doing internal searches” and that the best way to do this is to “build very specific custom algorithms for the sale of drugs.”

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