Chromag Bike Review and User Opinion

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Chromag bike prides themselves on creating revolutionary items and also quality that is excellent. They have a drive making associated items, with a heightened sense of detail. The design process of theirs starts with functionality and functionality with a focus on longevity and reliability.

This specific treatment is topped off with amazing imprinted innovative color choices, in addition to graphics. Any bike decked out with Chromag parts will certainly turn the heads of theirs.

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Chromag Bike
Excellent, but how will it ride?

The Primer’s geometry is progressive. Not’ progressive for a hardtail’. Progressive, period. The chaps at Chromag are hardtail aficionados. They ride everything Whistler is offering with no back suspension – often for four or maybe five hours in a time. The Primer is the 1st cut of theirs in a plus friendly frame which additionally accepts 29′ wheels, though additionally, it belongs to the vanguard of the intense geometry of theirs. A 65 degree head tube perspective as well as looong reach numbers mix with 16.3′ (415mm) stays and a 12.6′ (320mm) BB height (w/ 160mm fork).

The Chromag Primer was created for quintessential North Shore driving

While we have become accustomed to figures such as these for long travel trail bicycles (AM, whatever), Enduro, this’s a tad different for a hardtail. And it is definitely part of the main reason I have myself into trouble a couple of times in the beginning. The driving position felt extremely recognizable and extremely comfy which had me entering areas with increased oompf than I might have been prepared for unless I got used-to it.

Though a lot of people (me included) will certainly drive just a little slower on a hardtail – which appears typical, right? Which means you might want a somewhat steeper head angle along with a slightly greater BB. Not me, although, and never in the surface of ours. I will give up a little front end quickness in return for confidence when it becomes high.

Like with another bike with an idle head angle, the greater intense you’re with the inputs of yours, the much better it corners. Thus, trust the tires of yours and tip it over, and also be compensated. The Primer is snappy coming from a space, though I would not call it nimble when you are going side to side in order that is short. I am not calling it sluggish, also.

The absence of rear suspension provides it with an additional degree of responsiveness, but this’s a Corvette, not really a Lotus Elise. Brief chainstays mean you are able to get it about but that extended home end likes to track for speed. I want to additionally remind you that up till now, I have been operating it with broad rims. Well as great tires, I fully suppose the 29 inch encounter to alter the feel somewhat. Most items in good time.

How about the pedaling of Chromag bike

Let us talk about the way this bike pedals. Assuming you have previously had a steel hardtail, you will remember the slight, smooth feeling as you switch over the pedals. That is flex, hoss, and also it is good. Look, this’s not really a gentle bike, as well as the wheels aren’t spritely, so acceleration is not violent. Nevertheless, when you are spun up to speed, it ticks along well and also has momentum effectively. Without trying, I have set up a few good climbing initiatives and found myself remembering that the hardtail – even one with a huge fork, fat tires, as well as burly elements – could feel as if an effective pedaler.


Not surprisingly, specialized climbs aren’t the Primer’s favorite pool hall. If the trail tilts up and also gets difficult, be aware. Smooth and steep is cruisy. Finicky and flat is okay. The incorrect side of the matrix simply demands the A game of yours.

Chromag Bike

Things I have learned

Stuff I have discovered Clipless pedals are excellent. Since I am used-to them and they also do keep my foot planted improved once the back end is shaking me around. But I switched to flats if the ice come as well as were on them for 2 weeks right now. Which resulted in a number of raised eyebrows. “You’re going from clipped in on a dualie to flats on a hardtail? Are not you anxious about getting bounced off?” I was concerned in the beginning, though you get much better at gripping as well as experiencing the pedals so that it gets much less of a problem.

Saddles are usually critical because they are a contact point, though they are a lot more crucial on a hardtail. The Chromag Trailmaster LTD is a husky fella plus, it has somewhat a bit more pillow in the nose and that is effective in case you perch there on steep climbs. It is not really a featherweight at 320 grams, however the relaxed feel is worth every penny.

You are going to become really conscious of where the back wheel of yours is. Aiming the front and allowing the rear wheel follow isn’t sufficient – you frequently need to put both wheels. This can make you more exact.

The North Shore provides you with plenty of opportunities to learn accuracy. Snow just adds a lot more enjoyable.

If you are looking over this, it is really likely you’re additionally thinking about including a hardtail on the mix. Maybe you are actually a tribe member. In that case I am hoping to have the ability to supply enough about the impressions of mine to understand the potential choice of yours.

Element Performance

Hardtails produce excellent test bikes. Pieces as well as the performance of theirs are a lot easier to identify if the back wheel is not suspended, moreover the narrower margin for error means I get nearer to the advantage of command much more frequently. This’s partially since I nevertheless frequently drive into sections at speeds reserved for much more ability or maybe much more suspension, and partially because that is merely how it’s on a hardtail: some terrain is a tad hairier, as well as forever remain so.

Tires. Wheels. Braking system. The Fork of yours. Bars. Saddle. These items are important.

Chromag Bike

DT Swiss Spline ONE 40mm wheels and WTB Bridger 3.0 Tires

I am going to begin with the wheels as well as tires since they are a huge component of the story with this particular Chromag Bike. Also have been considerable so much in a selection of problems. This’s a meaty wheel/tire combo. He is lying in wait are two Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR in 27.5 x 2.8 which I cannot wait around in an attempt to compare. Though the continual onslaught of ice has kept me choosing the excess flotation of the Bridgers, although I am certain the chunky Minions can provide even more bite.

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