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Chloe Zhao Took Eternals Cast to a Harry Styles Concert

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During filming of Eternals, director Chloe Zhao thought it would be a good idea for some of the cast to see Harry Styles in his musical day job.


Harry Styles certainly made an entrance in the MCU despite only appearing for the length of a post-credit scene at the end of Marvel’s Eternals. Just like many other pop stars turned actors, the appearance of the star was immediately met with memes and ridicule online, but with a solid set of movie appearances under his belt, the former One Direction singer is carving himself an envious route into a big acting career, with director Chloe Zhao even saying that there was no-one else she wanted for the role of Starfox in the film. However, it appears that the director also decided to pull some strings to allow the cast to see the star doing what he is currently best known for and organized for them all to attend a Harry Styles concert.


Lia McHugh, who plays Sprite in the movie, revealed in a recent interview that the cast was able to catch Styles in London thanks to the director arranging for them to see him in concert. Zhao apparently approached the cast to ask if they wanted to go with her to the event, to which McHugh recalled she replied, “Is that even a question?” The actress told Screen Rant:

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“I think she kept [Styles’ casting] in her back pocket a little bit until it was time for him to come shoot, and then she told us. And one day she was like, “You wouldn’t want to go to a Harry Styles concert with me, would you?” And I was like, “Is that even a question?!” It’s funny. He had a smaller, private one in London and we got special seats up in a lounge. A few of the Eternals went and it was great.”

Harry Styles Will Have A Bigger Part To Play In the Future of The MCU


Although he was only on screen for a couple of minutes, Harry Styles made an impact on the film’s internet mentions, with word spreading fast of the singer’s cameo appearance thanks to a leak from the premiere. While some were quick to jump on the “oh, no” bandwagon at the thought of a manufactured pop star joining the MCU, there were plenty who were happy to see his arrival and even more excited about where his character will go next.

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