Celebrity Chef Reveals How Stars Dine at Thanksgiving

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Behind closed doors, celebrities are just like the rest of us, so they’ll also be sitting down to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. But they don’t always cook for themselves.

One person who has firsthand experience of the stars’ Thanksgiving dinners is celebrity chef, Chef Bae, aka Brooke Baevsky. She has more than 170,000 followers on Instagram and over 175,000 on TikTok, and she has been on TV shows such as Chopped and America’s Test Kitchen: The Next Generation.

Brooke Baevsky Landscape image
Brooke Baevsky, aka Chef Bae, shared an insight into how the rich and famous would be spending Thanksgiving Day tis year

Away from the cameras, Baevsky is a private chef for celebrities in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and she documents her experiences on social media, sharing an insight into the homes and eating habits of the famous.

Ahead of Thanksgiving Day, Newsweek spoke to Chef Bae, who revealed how the celebrities will be celebrating the occasion this year.

She has cooked for actors, models, CEOs, professional athletes and even royals for vacations and special occasions. The holidays are her busiest time for parties, because, as she puts it, “Hosts love to host and not worry about the food prep.”

“Most of my celebrity clients prioritize a healthy diet. However, they all have cheat days,” Chef Bae said. “Staying in control around the holidays is about balance, keeping half of the plate full with vegetables at all times and stopping when full.”

Exercising self-control during Thanksgiving doesn’t just refer to their eating habits, though. Celebrities or actors whose image or health is their priority must also regulate their own drinking habits, too, throughout the holiday season.

Chef Bae said: “Many of my clients also cut out alcohol completely, which is a significant source of sugar and calories. Excessive drinking on the holidays can also lead to thoughtless binge-eating. I do believe in everything in moderation, including enjoying delicious food.”

Brooke Baevsky and insets of food
Chef Brooke Baevsky, aka Chef Bae, with two of her dishes, top and bottom right inset. She told Newsweek about how the stars will be dining this Thanksgiving Day.
InTheKitchenWithChefBae.com / Getty Images

Baevsky documents her life as a chef to the stars, filming videos of different scenarios she finds herself in within the job. This can include meal prepping in a celebrity’s home, shooting a TV show, or even shopping for ingredients for her famous clients.

On a recent trip to Erewhon Market, the California luxury supermarket chain, for a client, Baevsky spent more than $3,500 on food.

If she was able to cook her own meal, on a celebrity’s budget, Baevsky says how she would go all out: “I would get creative with the turkey. Individual turkey pot pies and all of the delectable sides with local produce.”

Chef Bae then listed an almighty array of delicious Thanksgiving options: “Pumpkin soup with toasted pepitas and coconut cream; roasted acorn squash with cashew crema; crispy green beans with a pomegranate balsamic glaze; caramelized onion rice; crispy maple-glazed sweet potato bites; cornbread with fresh corn and polenta; harvest vegetable dumplings with gravy; individual pies (pecan, chocolate hazelnut, apple, pumpkin and cinnamon butternut); and pumpkin ice cream with toasted marshmallow cookie swirl.”

Of course, not everyone will have the luxury of hiring a professional like Chef Bae at Thanksgiving. Take it from an expert, her top tip this holiday is about serving food.

“Make less. With so many dishes served at one meal, a recipe that typically serves five will really serve at least 10 at a holiday buffet,” Chef Bae said, although she add that lovers of leftovers may want to make even more.

You can check out Chef Bae’s social-media channels at @chefbae on Instagram, and @itschefbae on TikTok. Professional enquiries should head to her website at inthekitchenwithchefbae.com.

Brooke Baevsky, Chef Bae posing in kitchen
Chef Bae is a private chef who caters to a number of high-profile clients in Los Angeles.

Update 11/23/22 3 a.m. ET: This article was updated to update the images.

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