Casey White And His Lover Vicky White Spend 11 Days On The Run.

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Casey White And His Lover Vicky White Spend 11 Days On The Run. #Casey #White #Lover #Vicky #White #Spend #Days #Run Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:


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Who is Casey White? And why has happened to him?

On April 29, Casey White and his lover Vicky White, a jail guard, escaped from Lauderdale County, Alabama. They were apprehended by police in Indiana on Monday, May 9, after an 11-day getaway.
The media is interested in learning what happened between those dates. Several media outlets contacted Casey White to describe the situation they were in. They escaped across four states and traveled hundreds of miles. They had several tens of thousands of dollars to spend. They bought a lot of clothes to do makeovers and fool the cops. They even bought wigs and booked hotel rooms with fake identification.
According to investigators, their relationship formed in 2020.

Casey White was serving a sentence for killing an older woman Connie Ridgeway in Lauderdale County. He was charged with two counts of her death, and he was put in the detention center in October 2020, where he met with Vicky White. She was an assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County.

The police captured the couple after an 11 days chase. They began their run from Tennessee, where they changed their vehicle and dumped the old one. Their new car got caught in the surveillance camera, which was one of the leads the cops received to track them. On Monday, police spotted the exact vehicle outside a hotel in Evansville.

Casey White and his lover Vicky White

Cops waited for them to come outside as the hotel was packed with tourists. When the couple got to know about the cops, they fled away. Later, when they were caught, Vicky white committed suicide. She shot herself. Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding confirmed her death.

“After six days [since the car wash sighting], it was hard to believe they were here. I wouldn’t think that somebody on the run would stay in a community like Evansville for six days,” Casey White revealed in an interview that he planned the shootout with the police, but unfortunately, his car broke down, and the police caught him.

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He further explained his plan to spend his time with Vicky. “He said he was just trying to find a place to hide and lay low, and they thought they’d driven long enough to stop for a while, get their bearings straight, and then figure out the next place to travel,” he concluded.
According to Wedding, the couple had booked the hotel room for 14 days at a lower price, claiming that the room had bugs.

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