“BREAKING NEWS: Bryan’s [Danielson] final match will be on AEW Rampage”

“BREAKING NEWS: Bryan’s [Danielson] final match will be on AEW Rampage” #BREAKING #NEWS #Bryans #Danielson #final #match #AEW #Rampage. Here is what we have for you today on TmZ Blog.

Fans on social media only had jokes following AEW star Bryan Danielson’s comments about what his last match should look like.

The American Dragon said in an interview that he didn’t have specifics on what his final bout should be. He stated that it’s okay if he wrestles in front of 300 people because that’s the type of crowd he used to compete with during his early years.

Fans noticed this and gave some hilarious suggestions for Danielson’s last match.

The JobberNation TV account thought that AEW Rampage should be the venue for the former WWE Champion’s final chapter.

A couple of fans proposed that The American Dragon should wrestle his last match on Dynamite.

Some netizens gave Danielson a list of programs to fulfil his potential scenario.

One fan already has an opponent for The American Dragon.

Here are some other reactions:

@JobberNationTV Bryan Danielson is a nice guy but sometimes says the dumbest things like he wants his final match in front of 300 people.@JobberNationTV Bryan Danielson is a nice guy but sometimes says the dumbest things like he wants his final match in front of 300 people.

Danielson participated in a four-way match for the ROH World Championship at Full Gear. However, he was unsuccessful as Chris Jericho retained the title, with Claudio Castagnoli and Sammy Guevara in the mix as well.

Bryan Danielson on plans after his AEW run comes to an end

The former WWE Champion revealed that his current AEW stint would be his last run as a full-time performer.

When asked about what he would do after, Bryan Danielson said that he would still wrestle for leisure and from time to time only.

“That all said, I’m not gonna be a full-time wrestler for much longer. When my AEW contract is up, that’s pretty much me being done being a full-time wrestler but I like the way some people like Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler and those kind of guys do it where they do it for fun, right?”

After losing another ROH World Championship shot, it will be interesting to see what the future lies for The American Dragon in the Jacksonville-based promotion.

Are you down to the prospect of Bryan Danielson wrestling his last match in front of 300 people? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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