Blueface Reaction to Chrisean Rock on Kai Cenat Stream Goes Viral

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A clip of Blueface reacting to Chrisean Rock on Kai Cenat‘s stream is going viral.

On Monday night (Nov. 21), popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat went live with hip-hop’s most toxic couple Blueface and Chrisean Rock. The stream eventually devolved into chaos with Rock throwing a person into a couch, and then essentially ended after she tossed a chair into a wall.

Numerous clips of moments from the session have gone viral across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. One snippet, however, has people talking in a slightly different tone about Blue and Rock.

Posted most recently on Instagram by The Neighborhood Talk, the clip shows the moments after Rock had thrown a chair into a wall. “You should see my house,” Blueface began.

“It’s crazy?” Cenat responded. Blue shook his head in affirmation.

Rock interjected: “Yeah, I be fucked up because he be gettin’ me fucked up. He be tryin’ to kick me out…”

“Glass busted,” Blueface said, cutting her off.

“It’s only when you try to kick me out, daddy,” Rock responded, before taking a bite of pizza she had been eating. “I’m not going nowhere,” she whispered, leaning into Blue’s ear.

He refused to make eye contact with her, let alone even glance in her direction.

The Neighborhood Talk captioned the video, “We always say ‘Surviving Blueface’ but chile he might be ‘Surviving Chrisean.’

As of this article’s posting, the post has received well over 1,000 comments, many of which echo the caption’s sentiment.

“Lmfaooo he do be looking helpless,” one user wrote. “Like a single dad doing the best he can.”

attachment-Chrisean Blueface Instagram comment 1

“Somebody said ‘she’s his karma’, it all makes sense now,” another person wrote, referring to Blueface’s past controversies.

attachment-Chrisean Blueface Instagram comment 2

A user comment on Cenat’s demeanor by that point in the stream: “Kai Was Shooked And I Don’t Watch Him Streams But Alot Of Ppl Said They Never Seen His Body Language Like That Before.”

attachment-Chrisean Blueface Instagram comment 3

Watch Blueface’s Reaction to Chrisean Rock on Kai Cenat’s Stream Below

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