Batman Beyond is More Like the Punisher than Fans Realize

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Batman Beyond is More Like the Punisher than Fans Realize #Batman #Punisher #Fans #Realize Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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While Batman completely detests the Punisher’s crime-fighting methods, his Batman Beyond successor is more like the Punisher than fans realize.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #2

In the neo-tech future of DC Comics, Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman as the title has been passed down to another, one whose stories are told on the pages of Batman Beyond–and while Batman’s successor was trained by the original himself, he is actually more like the Punisher than fans realize.

Terry McGinnis took up the Batman mantle after Bruce Wayne retired from the life of crime fighting following an incident that he couldn’t forgive himself for. During the final days of being Batman, Bruce found himself facing a gang of common criminals who were able to get the upper hand over the Caped Crusader. As they attempted to finish him off right then and there, Batman grabbed a gun that was loose on the ground and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t back off. While he made it out of the situation alive, Bruce vowed to never put on the batsuit again. Years later, Bruce took Terry McGinnis under his wing and gave him a high-tech version of the batsuit, effectively passing the torch to the next generation as well as teaching the same morals Bruce lived by throughout his time as Batman, including the inexcusable act of using a gun while fighting crime–though Bruce’s teachings didn’t stop Terry from taking a page out of the Punisher’s playbook.

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In Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #2 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Max Dunbar, Bruce Wayne is gone and Terry McGinnis is left facing perhaps his most dangerous villain without a mentor. That villain is none other than Gotham City itself. The city had been taken over by artificial intelligence, one that had access to every single camera and all other technological functions that were created within Gotham. In an effort to stay off the city’s radar, Terry ditched the Batman Beyond suit and created a new costume that was way more practical for the situation and much harder to track. One of the new suit’s functions was a face scrambler which turned Terry’s face into unrecognizable static in the eyes of any camera that spotted him, making it so Gotham never knew his location or his identity.

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