Amouranth Divorce

Amouranth Divorce: Amouranth, a Twitch broadcaster, has said that she and her husband had separated after making allegations of domestic violence against him. Amouranth, a popular user on Twitch, has announced that she is ending her marriage to her husband after making allegations of domestic violence against him during a live broadcast. Amouranth Divorce Reason…

Amouranth Divorce: Amouranth, a Twitch broadcaster, has said that she and her husband had separated after making allegations of domestic violence against him.

Amouranth, a popular user on Twitch, has announced that she is ending her marriage to her husband after making allegations of domestic violence against him during a live broadcast.

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Amouranth Divorce Reason

During a live show, the popular Twitch user Amouranth accused her spouse of abusing her, prompting her to announce that she is ending her marriage.

Amouranth Divorce Reason
Amouranth Divorce Reason

After the woman, who is 28 years old, divulged her husband’s foul-mouthed rant, she accused him of keeping her “getting help” and she added that he is “living in a fancy prison” as a result of her disclosure.

Because of her hot tub streaming on Twitch and also on Only Fans, Amouranth, whose actual name is Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, has amassed a following of about six million people over the course of her career.

She was heard, in a Twitch feed that was published on Twitter, chatting on the phone to a guy who she says is her husband. The man yells profanities and insults at her while he is on the line.

The argument continues with Amouranth claiming that her husband has control over their finances, threatening to murder her pets, and demanding her to “leave the house”

But now, in a new flood of information, she has detailed how the alleged abuse has been going on for a number of years, and she has disclosed that she is now “free”

“I have a good outlook on the future, and I’m thrilled to finally be independent. I’m relieved to hear that the dogs are okay “Kotaku, a website dedicated to video games, quotes her as saying.

“When he heard his own voice, I believe it finally dawned on him what an a**hole he really is. As of this day, I am once again able to access all of my accounts and financial information.

“He is not here because he is receiving assistance, and I am looking for both psychological and legal advice.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out and offer their help and support, including legal help and places to stay.” the person writing this said.

It is unknown who Amouranth’s spouse is since she has never disclosed this information in a public setting, and his identity remains a mystery.

Amouranth claims that her spouse compelled her to continue pretending that she was unmarried and to continue her career as a hot tub streamer in an earlier video that she uploaded to YouTube.

She said that a therapist had informed her that she was essentially living in a luxurious jail and that it was a sort of emotional torture. She also claimed that the therapist had stated this to her boyfriend.

Siragusa continues her commentary on the video by saying, “You want me to tell them that I’m single, it’s about to be true,”

In addition to this, she claims that he threatened to leave her with “only one million” if she pursued legal action against him.

Amouranth Divorce Reason

According to the allegations, Siragusa’s spouse threatened to “burn” all of her money in court and “place everything in an encrypted format.

The streamer claims that all of her accounts have two-factor authentication and that each account is tied to the phone number of the streamer’s spouse.

“It keeps you there with the fear and the threats if you’re going to do something to your animals, and then he’s nice again and says everything is going to be ok,” adds Siragusa. “It keeps you there with the fear and the threats if you’re going to do something to your animals.”

Amouranth allegedly accuses her husband of sending her threatening and abusive text messages, which she displays for the camera in the final footage.

In the conversations, he calls her a “dumb f***” and says things like, “I’m about to dump your luggage” and “I’m throwing your stupid merch off the balcony.” He also threatens to dump her belongings.

The streamer launched a children’s entertainment business in 2015, and a year later, Twitch reached out to her and invited her to become a member of the platform. They requested her to begin streaming broadcasts of herself sewing costumes while she did so.

Following that, she went on to produce a range of material, ranging from dancing to streaming in hot tubs, which resulted in her gaining a following of 5.8 million people.

She eventually became a member of OnlyFans and was making more than $1.5 million per month after joining.

On the other hand, in April of 2022, she said that she would be leaving OnlyFans in order to concentrate on Twitch.

She was honored with the title of Best ASMR Streamer at The Streamer Awards in the year 2022.

According to Sportskeeda, she is believed to have a net worth of roughly $4 million and receives her earnings mostly from Twitch as well as various other business initiatives that she has pursued.

Amouranth Divorce Reason

Five Quick Facts About Nick Lee, Amouranth’s Husband That You Absolutely Need to Know

Amouranth, a prominent broadcaster on Twitch, has a spouse by the name of Nick Lee. According to official documents in the state of Texas, Lee and Amouranth, whose true name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, have been married since the year 2015. Amouranth is a well-known content producer not just on Twitch, but also on OnlyFans and a number of other social media websites.

On October 16, 2022, Amouranth, who has approximately 6 million followers on Twitch, published a video about her spouse that quickly became quite popular online. Amouranth, who is 28 years old, disclosed for the first time that she was married during Twitch live on October 16. She leveled many charges against her spouse. According to social media postings, her spouse Lee, who is 33 years old, has used the moniker Nickalisk in the past as a cosplayer and fitness model.

Amouranth only sometimes discussed her private life in the videos and streaming that she uploaded to her channel. In the video that was posted on October 16, Amouranth said that her husband was abusing her and that he had control over her income. She gave an update to her followers in a video that she posted on October 18; it was her first post after the broadcast about her husband became viral. In the video, she said that she is “seeking legal and emotional counsel” and that she is “happy that I’m free.”

The following is important information that you should know about Amouranth’s spouse, Nick Lee:

In December of 2015, Nick Lee and Kaitlyn Siragusa, also known as Amouranth, tied the knot in the state of Texas


Heavy has access to the public records of Harris County, and those documents show that Kaitlyn Siragusa and Nick Lee tied the knot in December of 2015. According to public records, at the time they were living together in Sugarland, Texas, which is located close to Houston.

Before being married, it is unknown how long the pair had been seeing each other as a dating couple. It is also unknown when or where they first became acquainted with one another, nor for how long they had known one other.

Heavy attempted to contact Lee for comment about his relationship with Amouranth and the allegations that his wife made against him on her Twitch feed; however, Lee could not be reached. Heavy was not successful in locating any recent court records associated with the marriage, including divorce petitions or other related documents.


She now has “Access to All My Accounts and Finances Again,” according to Amouranth, who also claims that her husband is “Getting Help.”


In the video that she posted on October 18, Amouranth expressed gratitude to “everyone who has been extremely kind and supportive lately.” It has meant a great deal to me that many individuals have reached out to offer their concern to me over the last few days. To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe that very many people would care one way or the other. It’s a little bit insane… It’s been quite a roller coaster trip.”

She continued by saying, “As for the situation with the husband, I guess as some of you probably saw the other night, he called me while I was streaming, and I vanished for like two hours.” After what seemed like an eternity, I took the plunge and unmuted my phone approximately an hour and a half into the conversation. I’m sorry to hear it was difficult to see for some folks. I was at a loss for what to do next since he was making threats to tweet inappropriate content. He was making threats to tweet falsehoods, and I wanted to get the jump on him before he did it. I apologize to everyone I may have offended with my history of abusive behavior. Anyway, this is how things turned out.”

In the video that was uploaded on October 16, Amouranth streamed herself having a phone conversation with her spouse. She said that he was emotionally abusing her, threatening her, and manipulating her funds in order to exert power over her. Amouranth further claimed that her husband had threatened to murder their pets in the event that she would not participate in a 24-hour live.

According to what she stated, “actually, this is the first time he’s ever heard himself on a recording.”… In the past, whenever I recorded him, he flat-out refused to listen to the tapes I had made. Sometimes he’d make himself inaudible by removing things like phones and the like from the room. And I believe that when he heard himself on that conversation, it finally sank in how big of an a***** he is. [Call transcript] As of this day, I am once again able to access all of my accounts and financial information. He is not in this place. He’s receiving assistance. And I’m looking for advice, both legally and psychologically.”

She said, “I once again have access to all of my accounts.” Every single one of the 2-factors, in total. Therefore, there is no longer any cause for fear there.” Amouranth further said that she had been communicating with the police after the broadcast on October 16th. Fans who were worried about her phoned the authorities and asked them to check on her. In the video that she posted on October 18, she said that she had been “dealing with everything, including a lot of random visitors and cop calls and stuff.”

Amouranth said in the video that she has been “screaming and sobbing a lot recently,” but she also stated that “for now the situation is peaceful…. Before I could start broadcasting again, I simply needed some time to attempt to comprehend all that had happened and collect my thoughts. Think about what would be the greatest thing to do next, and try to decide.”


Nick Lee is an investor, an “occasional cosplayer,” a “fitness devotee,” and a “game aficionado,” according to his Instagram profile

Nick Lee is an investor, an "occasional cosplayer," a "fitness devotee," and a "game aficionado," according to his Instagram profile
Nick Lee is an investor, an “occasional cosplayer,” a “fitness devotee,” and a “game aficionado,” according to his Instagram profile

On his personal Instagram page, which is hidden from public view, Lee describes himself as a “investor” and “min-maxer.” According to his biography, he is also a “casual cosplayer,” a “devotee of fitness,” a “dove aficionado,” and a “game enthusiast.” In addition, according to his biography, his “next expedition” will be with Berkshire Hathaway.

On October 18, Amouranth spoke on how difficult it had been for her to be in the limelight due to the revelation of her relationship, saying, “It’s been terrible. I have a feeling that things will end up being somewhat chaotic. However, you are aware that the alternative, which consisted of keeping it a secret, was also a problematic solution. Therefore, I suppose, choose your level of chaos.”

Amouranth said that her husband had her participate in a “Truman Show.” She continued by saying, “I just hope people still watch……” I simply felt so alone for so long. I ought to have started doing it earlier. I very just lost my cool…. I still have the desire to engage in serious work. I get the impression that there are a lot of women that I can assist. I still have my platforms. … During the majority of my time spent online, I had the impression that everyone was conspiring against me because of the kind of video that I didn’t even want to watch.

She said that she intends to continue her career, that she is content with the team that she has together, and that she would “try to pick up the pieces and move on.” Amouranth said that it was “just so nice to have the house to myself without having to worry about someone storming in and screaming at me in the middle of the stream.”

Amouranth Divorce Reason
Amouranth Divorce Reason

Together with Kaitlyn, Lee has registered a number of businesses in the state of Texas. Records Show for Amouranth, Also Known as Michelle Siragusa


Nick Lee and Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa are both named on the documentation for the limited liability companies (LLCs) that they created in the state of Texas, as is shown by the public records in Texas. It would seem that the firms are connected to Amouranth’s career in the media.

According to the postings on her social media accounts, both Amouranth’s modeling and streaming businesses have been quite successful financially. Amouranth said on Twitter in July 2022 that her OnlyFans account makes close to $1.5 million per month in revenue. In addition to that, she has sponsorship partnerships and generates revenue through Twitch in addition to her other business endeavors. According to a news release, Amouranth inked a contract with Centerfold in 2021. Centerfold is a rival of Playboy’s OnlyFans service.

Her spouse may be heard stating that the two of them do not get along and that they should not be together in the stream that she did on October 16. Amouranth’s response was as follows: “We got along fine until you decided to make money the main priority.” One of her viewers reacted on her webcast on October 18 by saying, “I thought you were a girlboss.” She said, “No, I worked there as a girl employee.” I’m free to run things like a women boss once again.”


Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and has lived in Texas for a number of years; photos of him with Amouranth were posted before her career took off

According to the couple’s marriage license, Nick Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan. According to public records, he has resided in Texas, in the Houston region, for some years, and his family also resides there. Records indicate he has also resided in Brooklyn, New York.

During one of her broadcasts, Amouranth said that she had wanted to expose her marriage and discuss her spouse, but he persuaded her that doing so “would destroy the business model.” During the broadcast, she said, “You want me to tell them I’m single?” It will soon be real.” Lee did appear in photographs with Amouranth before her career and fame skyrocketed, but none of the old photographs or films identified him as her lover or spouse.

Amouranth tagged Lee’s Twitter account, Nickalisk Cosplay, and Fitness, in July 2015. It seems that Lee’s cosplay and bodybuilding accounts have been deleted or made private. A 2016 photograph shows Lee and Amouranth attending an event together.


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