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‘Aggressive’ patient, 80, not welcome at Barbourne Health Centre

‘Aggressive’ patient, 80, not welcome at Barbourne Health Centre #Aggressive #patient #Barbourne #Health #Centre Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

AN ‘aggressive’ elderly patienthas been ‘kicked out’ of his Worcester GP surgeryfor leaving a nurse ‘in tears’.

But Paul Middleton, 80, who battled depression afteratriple heart bypass, paints a very different picture andsays hewas simply standing up for himself while seeking answers about his care.

The dad never saw the nurse cry during what he presumes was his last consultation at Barbourne Health Centre.

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However, the practice manager says Mr Middleton had already been given ‘numerous’ warnings about his behaviour before the drastic step was taken.


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Mr Middleton of Dancox House, St John’s, Worcesterhad been bed-bound for eight months but isnow back on his feet, calling his care by the practice ‘shameful’.

He nowrelies on a walking stick to get about while the open heart surgeryhas left him with an eight inch scar.

His feet and ankles are swollen, leaving him in ‘constant, excruciating pain’ and believes medics have so far failed to get to the bottom of what is causing the problem.

Worcester News: OUTSPOKEN: Paul Middleton. Photo: James ConnellOUTSPOKEN: Paul Middleton. Photo: James Connell

However, despite praising ‘fantastic’ NHS 111 and A&E at Worcestershire Royal Hospital staff, the pensioner claims GPs have consistently failed toproperly diagnose his heart problems or provide follow-up care after the heart surgery, based on recommendations by other health agencies.

After making his concerns known in a face-to-face meeting with his GP, Mr Middleton received a letter from the practice manager at Barbourne Health Centre on April 28 telling him they will no longer treat him.

Worcester News: OUT: Paul Middleton holds up the letter. It says he is not welcome at Barbourne Health CentreOUT: Paul Middleton holds up the letter. It says he is not welcome at Barbourne Health Centre

The letter informs him he will beremoved from the practice list within 14 days because of his’hostile’ and ‘aggressive’ behaviour towards staff.

He had only registered at Barbourne in January last yearafter his open heart surgery, joining after he became dissatisfied with care provided at another city practice.

Mr Middletonhas now written to a former GP surgeryin Droitwich in the hope he canregister there.

The letter from Barbourne practice manager Debbie Weston said: “The principle (sic) reasons [for Mr Middletonbeing removed from the list]are: your continuing hostile, aggressive and demanding behaviour, causing upset to staff and patients. This was more than apparent today at your visit to the practice and our Advanced Nurse Practioner was left in tears.”

Other reasons for him being removed include clinical staff now refusing to see him without a chaperone,his ‘refusal to take medical advice’ and his ‘failure to attend appointments’.

Mr Middleton is now so concerned about his health that he has referred himself to social services.

He suffered a heart attack and had a triple heart bypass at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton on September 25, 2020.

He saysthere were no follow-up checks and he started relying on 111 instead.

Mr Middleton, referring to the meeting which sparked his removal, said: “I don’t have a GP and I’m dying. She wasn’t in tears when I saw her. She was in the consulting room all the time, standing up.

“I said to the doctor at one stage ‘I’m not being critical. I’m merely communicating and observing from my lived experience – I’m not challenging or criticising’. I’m being treated like I don’t exist. It’s like ‘will nobody rid me of this turbulent patient?'”

Mr Middleton, who says he was merely being ‘assertive’, has produced letters from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team in Worcester to his GP, sent before he was removed from the list.

One reads: “Mr Middleton reports that he has attempted unsuccessfully to arrange an assessment of bruising by a GP. I would be grateful if an appointment could be arranged to address his concerns.”

Mr Middleton’s concerns were put to the GP surgery.

Practice Debbie Weston said in response: “Whilst I am unable to disclose specific information on this patient they have been given adequate notice to register with another practice following removal due to demanding and unreasonable behaviour.

“The NHS together with Barbourne Health Centre have zero tolerance with patients who conduct themselves in this manner and are aggressive towards staff. On this patient’s last visit clinically to the practice he left a clinician in tears.

“I have spoken personally to this patient on several occasions. He is not happy he has been de-registered but he had received numerous warnings prior to my final letter.

“During my last conversation with this patient he confirmed he had registered with another GP who would be able to continue with his care.

“I had also notified the relevant bodies of our need to remove this patient from our practice.”

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