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Updated: Nov 29, 2022 10:50 AM

Marc Daniels wrote a book, The Story of Daderina, about dancing on stage with his daughters to help one of them get over stage fright. From left, Marc Daniels, daughters Giada, Isabella, wife Kim and daughter Suri (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

A devoted dad who joined his daughters on stage at a dance show rehearsal published a children’s book about the experience to help the girls to learn how an idea can become reality.

Marc Daniels pirouetted and pliéd in the performance, which was captured on camera and seen online by people across the island as well as internationally.

The lawyer and his family put pen to paper after Covid-19 hit and they have since published The Story ofDaderina, with more tales expected to follow.

He said at a book signing event held at People’s Pharmacy on Sunday: “The stories were written during the pandemic … we wrote probably about 15 stories. It was just really part of the creative process. It was being home with the children.

“When we actually talked about the process of making it into a book, it was more so with the children in mind – to take a concept or idea and show them how we take that idea and create something, to actually create this product.

“The experience for us was more about trying to create something that was documenting a moment in our history, a moment in time and also having a story that we could share, so the children could share it with their children.”

Mr Daniels, who has three daughters – Giada, 8, Isabella, 7, and Suri, 5 – with wife Kim, added: “The other stories that we created are all family stories which kind of used as much creative licence as possible, so the children have provided so much of their input into heightening the stories.”

The older two girls were in rehearsal for an In Motion dance school show in 2018 when their father joined them – with his youngest in one arm – to help Isabella to overcome a bout of stage fright.

Footage of his impromptu performance was picked up by US-based viral video show Right This Minute, among other media.

Mr Daniels said on Sunday: “Because of the publicity associated with this, we thought this would be an interesting way of launching a series.”

He added that the venture even helped the girls to understand a little about small-scale commercial operations.

Mr Daniels said: “My wife was the one who pretty much created the whole book, so all credit needs to go to her.

“In terms of starting the editing process, in terms of the imagery, she did the initial sketches and then she had researched various design companies and everything else and we ended up going with a team down in Brazil.”

He explained that as well as English, the book was published first in Portuguese, reflecting Bermudian culture.

Mr Daniels said that his daughters still performed with the dance school but his own fancy footwork was on display only at home.

He added that a portion of any commercial proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to charities that help young people.

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