10 God of War gift ideas for that special god or goddess in your life

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It’s the most beautiful time of the year again, we are approaching the Christmas season in December. As always, the preparation for the celebrations is filled with excitement and cheer, and everyone looks forward to spending time with loved ones and exchanging great gits. And if you’re a God of War fan, there are so many great things to wish for this year.

Yes, there’s something for everyone who loves this popular PlayStation franchise, and we’ve got just the list to help you choose the perfect gift for your favorite boy or girl. Here are the top 10 best God of War gift ideas to get in time for the holidays.

NECA God of War (2018) – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Kratos

10 God of War gift ideas for that special god

If you have someone in your life who loves a good figure then the NECA God of War Kratos figure is for you. Not only is the statue affordable, but it looks pretty damn authentic, with over 30 points of articulation and an incredibly detailed sculpt.

In addition to the base character model, the figure includes Kratos’ Leviathan ax and shield. You can currently get it from Active Powersports for $22.75.

Kratos Ax Controller Stand


Don’t you love it when Kratos puts his Leviathan ax on his back or hangs it up, does he do it in a way that fits the context of the scene and places it perfectly in the spot that keeps it in place? Well, now you can sheathe your trusty weapon, aka your controller, in a sheath worthy of a God of War with the Ax Controller Stand.

The stand accommodates almost any controller, including Xbox, giving you a safe and aesthetically pleasing place to rest your accessories when you’re done battling the gods that make up the Nine Realms. The God Of War Kratos Ax Controller Stand for PS4 and PS5 is currently available on Etsy for $55.

Displate poster


If you’ve always wanted to make your room or man cave look a little cooler, then adding a poster of your favorite game is sure to improve your standing in the gaming community. And what better piece of art to start on your wall than this amazing Displate God of War poster?

The artwork is from God of War (2018) and shows Kratos and Atreus staring at a troll that looks massive from the drawn perspective. Anyone interested can get this in a few different sizes for between $44 and $149 by shopping at Displate.

Custom PS5 Dualsense Controller Viking


Now that you have a solid controller stand, it’s time to start looking for hardware worth gracing the mantle. So far we’ve seen few as awesome as the God of War Viking PS5 Dualsense custom controllers.

This brand new hand-painted handheld device is a sight to behold, as it features hand-drawn Norse rune buttons and a genuine leather strap to match the rest of its cool design. You can get this on Etsy for $169.14

Nordic Kratos Stubbins plush


Anyone who knows Kratos knows that he has one of the gnarliest looks of any video game protagonist, as just one look will tell you he’s not the one you want to mess with. If the last two God of War games have taught us anything, though, it’s that he’s a real sissie to the people he cares about deep down.

Now you have the opportunity to own your very own soft version of Kratos with the Norse Stubbins Plush from Otakumode. For only $5.34, you can hug your favorite grumpy Greek god whenever you want.

Odin Necklace


In God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarok, no matter who you talk to, you won’t hear too many nice things about the series’ central antagonist Odin, as even those close to him don’t really like him . Nevertheless, the old man cannot deny drip and style.

So it’s perfectly fine to give your loved one a custom 316L stainless steel Odin necklace from the game, bursting with awesome Norse runes and styles. It is available now through Wyvernshoard at the reduced price of $59.99

Kratos Funko Pop!


If you thought the Kratos plushie was cute, just wait ’til you see the Funko Pop! version of everyone’s favorite god of war. This vinyl is 3 ¾ inches tall and features Kratos’ patterned outfit and appearance, as well as his Leviathan ax for all of you to display.

Anyone adding this collectible to their Funko Pop! collection, or if you just love all things God of War and Kratos, you can get this figure on Amazon for $99.99.

Blades of Chaos Cup


If ever there was a mug worthy of a god, it’s the Blades of Chaos mug currently sold by WoodWithMood on Amazon. This incredible mug holds 17 ounces of liquid and can be customized and personalized to your liking, making it the perfect gift for your significant other.

The design feels straight out of Norse mythology and features an ergonomic handle shape, stainless steel insert and non-toxic coating. This is worth dropping the $28.99 Hacksilver.

Ax dual LED neon sign


Another great piece of aesthetically pleasing God of War art that would fit almost anywhere in your home is the Dual LED Neon Ax Sign, created by website Illusion Neon. This unique 3D engraving is sharp and clear and looks great from almost any direction thanks to the high-quality LED lighting products.

The coolest part is that you can have the sign made in almost any color variation and it comes in a variety of sizes, ranging in price from $89.99 to $200 depending on the size you choose.

God Of War In Starry Artwork Duvet Set


Sleep like a god with this amazing crossover between God of War and art, because the God of War in Starry bed set is a true beauty. Combining one of the most unlikely pieces of art, this incredibly unique duvet cover and sheet can be made to measure for a double, double, queen or king size bed.

You can get the In Starry Artwork Duvet Set at the reduced price of $59.95 at Ergoteacher. 10 God of War gift ideas for that special god or goddess in your life

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